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    Seven Chinese brothers swallowing the ocean,
    Seven thousand years to sleep away the pain,
    She will return, she will return...

    ♫ "Seven Chinese Brothers", R.E.M. (1984)

    Seven years spent, not swallowing the ocean nor playing Sleeping Beauty as depicted in this septuplet story, but sharing my personal ideas, beliefs, creations, passions (and outbursts too), and discoveries on the French version of this blog. Over one million and a half pages seen with 104 more articles and 95,000 more visits this year (still on the main blog). I thank you from the bottom of my heart for still being so many to read me, even though I regret that your comments are so rare. I also know it's a general trend which sadly affects most blogs, not just La Pensine.

    7 is both a magical and mystical number. You have it in the 7 tones of the diatonic scale, the 7 colours of the rainbow, or the 7 chakras of the human body (funny how the 7th chakra happens to be the crown/coronal chakra if you get the hint there!). And the 7th arcanum of Tarot, the Chariot or Steering Power. But 7 is also the indication for positive change after the completion of a cycle. It is a time for rest and reflection as well.

    And rest is greatly needed here, even if I never go on holidays — especially after all the issues we've had to deal with. And all the more so since we really haven't seen anything yet and the peak of “enjoyment” should be reached by September. Yippee!

    I didn't lie to you when I wrote in my post on the Year of the Rat that “we're trapped like rats unless they rat on their decisions” (which in French was a different pun saying “take a rat”, meaning failing to get it right). You'll also note that mentioning the plague wasn't that far-fetched either! Seriously, I kept repeating that I could feel something huge coming and there you are, a couple of days ago, Ed O'Brien (who needs no introduction) tells me the same thing in a reply to a comment on Instagram: “Felt something like this would happen. Didn't know the details but felt this coming. Entering a new age.”

    Incidentally, Ed happens to be one of the three people who have made the greatest impression for me in this year 2020 (which is far from being over). They have had such a positive and inspiring influence in all respects and I feel so honoured to have been able to interact so much with them through social media, which aren't necessarily a bad thing depending how you use them. So these other two persons are Christelle Dabos (author of the Mirror Visitor quadrilogy, the final volume of which has been a major disappointment for many who expected a different ending, but not for me) who, through her live chats hosted on Discord, taught us a lot on writing and made us discover new authors — and Lulumineuse whose precious PRACTICAL tips helped me make quantum leaps both in my personal and spiritual evolution (I'm aware this is the same thing, but unfortunately for some it still isn't).

    I shall try, if I can find the time for it, to talk about this more in details, but for now, let's enjoy the sunny days and take this opportunity to let go of all our burdens and regain strength in view of the next big blow after the holiday season. Therefore, I shall not reconduct another season of Polaroid Android, your summertime series, but will keep the spirit alive with more personal and trivial posts.

    Once again, I would like to express my gratitude for your faithfulness in those wonderful seven years following me.


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