• How To Steer Away From Fear In These Critical Times

    Video by Lulumineuse transcribed & translated by Ey@el

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    There's an empty space inside my heart
    Where the weeds take root.
    And now I'll set you free...

    ♫ "Lotus Flower", Radiohead (2011)

    In fact, you need to proceed like with children and remove anxiety-generating sources. My kids, I'm not letting them watch R-rated films because it won't be of any help to them at all. Well, the same goes for us. If listening to the radio, watching TV or even connecting to your social media accounts triggers anxiety all the time, then stop it!

    I for one have removed all keywords from my searches (they do phishing with keywords to suggest articles) such as Covid19, Corona Virus... I don't care about these. I don't want to be constantly informed on the death toll or stuff like that. I cut myself off from all anxiety-provoking sources or those which could potentially become one.

    It's a well-known fact that newscasts are not something positive. Actually there are good news every day but no media outlet ever reports them. So let's cut off from anxiety-provoking sources.

    Which doesn't mean we should cut ourselves off from information, but simply that when I'm able to search for requested information, I go get it myself and I don't want to receive it when I haven't asked for it.

    Tend To Your Inner Space

    And then there's something else: the main cause of stress and fear may actually come from my own thoughts. For example, if I'm told: “Watch out because something terrible will happen to you”, these words will resonate within like a thought. They will become a thought-form which will stay in and keep spinning round and round. I'm going to wonder “Why did they say that? Oh my God, what does it mean?” and I will create more thoughts.

    A whole process is being put into place — a mechanism is triggered to produce a huge number of other thoughts, all stemming from this initial thought. And thereby I will hold onto these thoughts and will be totally blinded and hypnotised by them.

    It's essential to understand that we have to get rid of the hypnosis for it actually originates from our own thoughts. Therefore I need to come back to my senses for a while and ask myself: “Wait a minute, within this mess of accumulated thoughts inside my head, which one is of any help to me? None? Alright, so I don't need to hold onto these thoughts, none of them does help me.” Which means that if there's a solution, it's not in there anyway. So dismiss these thoughts!

    When you tend to your garden, you know what to do. So why can't we tend to our inner space? I find it extraordinary that we totally ignore our mental hygiene! We do care about body hygiene, house cleaning, but we allow awful thoughts to pile up within us, lots of emotions such as “30 years ago, he told me this”!

    We keep a lot of stuff like this in some sort of an old attic where we've never been and yet we find it perfectly normal!

    Our Mind Must Become A Fertile New Ground

    In fact, this is not normal at all. And mostly, this is not the path we're heading to as we're on the path of free fulfilled humanity.

    Free of what? Not free from governments or society, but free from ourselves, free from our own thoughts — free from our own inner prison. For once you understand that the only thing which can hold you prisoner is your own thoughts, you are free. No one can force anything onto you anymore since you're are free from your thoughts. You become an actor, someone who can create.

    A very simple example: if I ask you to draw something great on printed paper, it will be hard. We should always start on new ground. So I absolutely need to be a fertile new ground and in order to be so, I have to stop constantly filling my inner blank sheet with billions of thoughts and concerns.

    Transcribed & translated from French par Ey@el
    © www.lulumineuse.com

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