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    The world has gone mad. Nothing new under the sun (except for the increase in solar flares which has just begun). But right now, we're so deeply immersed in cognitive dissonance, it's become outrightly excruciating to see people we like so much — usually wiser and more intuitive that your average sleepwalker in the crowd — get sucked into the swirling vortex of the gigantic deception, which some may rightly call a grotesque farce, otherwise known as a “psyop” (psychological operation) in technical jargon. A disaster scenario which, as the name suggests, only exists in the mind of people who have been mesmerised by the almighty mainstream media entirely devoted to those who control us and who do not have our best interests at heart. Hollywood/TV News are the two sides of a same coin!

    In your head, in your head:
    Zombie! Zombie! Zombie!
    What's in your head?
    In your head:
    Zombie! Zombie! Zombie!

    "Zombie", The Cranberries (1994)

    A clear case of cognitive dissonance is the mask we are now required by “law” to wear in public places whereas three months ago, it was totally illegal.

    Hey! You don't get it, baaa! It's a case of FORCE MAJEURE.

    A major forced vaccination in the making. Until we're all dead inside. Well, for those who will consent to it. For as Dumbledore told Voldemort (who was so scared of death that, in his urge to control it, managed to destroy his soul in the name of a misguided belief), “your failure to understand that there are things much worse than death has always been your greatest weakness”. (Source)

    And indeed, don't you find it ironical how we're forced to wear masks right when we get to see the true faces of the main actors of this world? Whereas the voice carries the vibration of the soul, the eyes are its direct window. So this bloody mandatory mask we have to wear in society (as if the metaphoric one wasn't enough to stifle us) may provide us with the opportunity to focus on the real thing and hopefully help everyone gain discernment. I like to believe in such “nonsense” (reverse logic being the rule of the game) because, in spite of all the sadness in my eyes, I am a born optimist. I may feel restless at times — often, most of the time — as long as it will carry me, I will continue to ride with the wave. Because my soul is much more resilient than meets the eye and I've finally understood that it's the only thing I can rely upon.

    Walked out this morning,
    Don't believe what I saw:
    A hundred billion bottles
    Washed up on the shore.
    Seems I'm not alone
    At being alone:
    A hundred billion castaways
    Looking for a home.

    "Message In A Bottle", The Police (1979)


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