• Freedom

    Music & lyrics by The Escape Club

    Freedom has always been, and today more than ever, the root of all challenges and fights in this prison-Matrix with invisible yet pervasive bars. The thing is too few people understand that freedom starts in your head. When you create your own prison with your own thoughts, beliefs, expectations, fears... How others perceive us is a prison. The lack of love for self is a prison. Sorry if it sounds like a motto I'm bringing in at every corner, but it always comes down to the simple equation of love vs. fear. Yes, life is that simple. Our conditioning and false beliefs are actually what makes it complicated. A good way to keep us away as far as possible from that simple truth. Fear locks us in, creating a sense of insecurity which leads us to give up our freedoms in the physical world. Fear isolates people in sealed boxes of pro-this/anti-that.

    Ironically, fear makes us put more trust in others than in ourselves. Cognitive dissonance. Love (not the love that owns and binds by contract) frees us. Love yourself and you'll free yourself from the perception of others and from the need to conform. Love yourself and you won't let yourself be dictated the limits of possible or not possible as love will connect you to the infinite universal wisdom which is unlimited.

    A huge thank-you goes to Trevor for allowing me to repost this snippet from a song he's currently working on with his bandmates from a distance (due to lockdown) and for sending me the complete lyrics and also assisting with the translation of an idiomatic phrase for my French speaking readers. So pleased to hear he hasn't lost his gift for crafting catchy tunes and that this great voice of his still does it. This song is pure joy. It's like a ray of sunshine despite the grim world it portrays. Don't know about you, but I can't wait to hear this full track completed even though, to me, this acoustic version does feel complete in its own right. Good vibes yeah, yeah, yo!


    Billy starts another day
    Signs in for another day
    The morning is hot
    But the sun it don’t shine

    He’s saving for a piece of real estate
    Don’t mind him working late
    He might just make the price
    With overtime
    And he sang

    Freedom, yeah, yeah, yo
    Freedom, yeah, yeah, yo

    He doesn’t feel safe on the subway
    He doesn’t feel safe on the highway
    His wife can’t sleep at night
    So he buys a gun
    And Billy shoots in a straight line
    In a land of sunshine
    Bread and cars and T.V. for everyone
    And he sang

    Freedom, yeah, yeah, yo
    Freedom, yeah, yeah, yo

    Be a millionaire it’s easy
    Like the people on the T.V.
    Billy thinks of high school
    Where he learned to play cool
    Where he learned to be told
    And fly the flag

    There’s a hole in the sky but Billy don’t care
    Fear and famine everywhere
    For a regular guy, aint life a drag

    © Trevor Steel, 2020

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