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    The date today is 2020.07.07, sometimes referred to as a mirror date. In numerology, 7 is a very spiritual number associated with planet Neptune which is actually transiting (for still many years to come) its own zodiac sign of Pisces, encouraging us to dive into the depths of our subconscious. And like astrology, numerology is a very ancient esoteric art dating back to Antiquity and directly related to sacred geometry and the basic principles of quantum physics (although the way I put it might be fairly inaccurate). It's only natural (and comforting) that it should be complementary to other esoteric arts such as tarot.

    In that respect, number 7 correlates with the Chariot arcanum which Canadian numerologist Murielle Robert calls the “Steering Power”:

    THE STEERING POWER is the perfect principle of climbing the ladder every human will have to use in order to attain a level of self-mastery while remaining focused on their own direction. This requires to navigate through life's stresses and challenges to reach the highest highs, avoiding getting lost in performance and success at all cost. Every stage of life will thus become an increasingly evolutive experience in spite of all failures and pitfalls. Empowerment at all levels will become their own Source and essential resource. (Source)

    Similarly, 2020 is a 4 year (2+0+2+0) in analogy with the Creative Power she describes as “the masculine principle of incarnation” and the use of the four natural forces to “assert and implement the projects set up by the feminine principle”. Also, July 2020 has an 11 vibration (7+4), a master number associated with the Creative Force, which is “the principle of the inner force applied with the strength of faith in one's own power. Gentleness and serenity allow for a better channelling of energy, enabling it to reach full power and mastery.”


    As the Steering Power says: “You don't create the life that awaits you, you head towards it.

    Now, let's suppose that you decide to carefully nurture your inner state of being into a fertile ground for the good seeds you plant in it. That everyday you're on the lookout to embrace the good thoughts and feelings which supports this open enlightened mindset. That, on a regular basis, you ensure to get rid of what hinders you, of what weighs you down and is irrelevant. That every day, you do the work requiring daily alleviating of your inner space to receive higher aspirations and awareness.

    What does result from this inner undertaking?

    A harmonious flow starts emerging within you, progressively gaining momentum, power and strength. That's the Steering Power. And this energy that you have fostered leads you straight to opportunities, people and chances to fulfil your higher purposes and ideals.

    It's the flow that every human being fosters within which determines their direction and the next stage of their journey toward self-love.

    But are they aware at all of the flow they're nurturing within?

    When your life is absorbed in so many concerns, it doesn't leave much space for greater aspirations nor higher purposes. Those are even dismissed as dreams sometimes, as if they could never be manifested. We work in total inner disharmony, frustration and disconnection from our innermost wishes. We create this flow that always leads us further away from ourselves. And then we wonder “Why is it so hard?” “Why me?” “Why can't things go my way?

    It's precisely because you're going against the flow within that you create this counterflow without in the same fashion. Likewise, you also create a force, a power that makes you feel like the odds are always against you. Whereas you are the only one who can go within and decide to shift direction. Especially during testing times.

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