• Wish You Could Smile

    Music & lyrics by Tomas Batista translated by Ey@el

    Original en français

    With the holiday season drawing near, melancholia tends to set in. As if time looped in on itself and nothing really changed whatever you say, whatever you do,  however hard you wish or try to picture it. So we try to fake it, flapping all over the place, expecting laughter to conjure up joy and ward off gloom. And when it gets out of tune, let the tears burst out like a dark cloud so after the rain, it may shine again. This is basically what this beautiful song by Tomas Batista, who needs no introduction (see Related articles), conveys to me. It's so moving I literally translated it with my guts (despite my long-forgotten rudimentary Spanish). It's no wonder since Tom's music is so heartfelt. His songs, as he says, are “little pieces of [him]”. This track is dedicated to his ex-girlfriend whom he wishes the best of luck. Personally, I would like to dedicate it to all those who long to gaze at the stars again other than on a Christmas tree.


    Deseo que puedas sonreir

    You see, the sun rises
    Once again,
    Even though you're not here,
    The earth still goes round,
    And everything's in the same place.

    And I see the phantoms
    You left behind
    Since you've gone.
    And I'm not scared
    'Cause you're not here.

    Memories remain impressed
    On the tapestry of time,
    And all this,
    Is for your eyes only.

    Your memory no longer burns,
    I keep it in the back of my...

    Melancholia seizes me
    At the thought
    It's just gone
    So casually.

    It was so unusual to see you suffer
    So much, so often,
    The same pain.

    What has become of you?
    I wish you could smile.

    Time will heal and only time knows
    When the stars may shine.
    But you're one of those
    That always will,
    Always will.

    © Tomas Batista, 2013

    Translated from Spanish by Ey@el
    © lapensinemutine.eklablog.com

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