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    While we have not heard the last of this pseudo global warming, you wouldn't want Arctic bears to catch that highly contagious head cold so devastating for the human race. To avoid that, here's how to make them some lovely bobble beanies. A dead simple DIY anyone including kids or those adults unreceptive to handiwork referred to as “feminine” crafts (such as myself) can do. The original idea is not mine, but I'm offering you some extra textual instructions to which I've added my own tips and pictures.


    • a cardboard roll (such as those used for toilet paper, plastic wrap, foil, etc.)
    • a long piece of wool
    • a pair of scissors


    1. Cut the cardboard roll into a 1-2 centimetre (0.4-0.8 inches) high ring.
    2. Cut out 20-30 centimetre (8-12 inches) strands of wool (the required number may vary according to the thickness of the yarn used and the diameter of the ring).

      TIP: Use a cardboard rectangle the same length as how you want your strands to be and wrap several time with wool. Then you'll cut both ends in two snips, ensuring that the strands don't move while doing so. A real time-saver!
    3. Fold a yarn in two by its centre and slip it inside the ring. Pass the loop over the ring, thread the two ends into the loop and tighten so that it won't move (Fig. 1).
    4. Once the ring has been entirely wrapped with wool, tie the fringes with a long thread at approximately 4-5 centimetres (1.5-2 inches) from the bottom (Fig. 2).

      TIP: It's easier if you cut out the neck of a plastic bottle to sit the beanie on it.
    5. Tie both ends of the thread together to hang and trim out the fringes into a bobble. That's it, you're done!

    These may be used as clothes for teddy bears, dolls, but also as Christmas tree ornaments or as a garland to hang above the mantle. Have fun !


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