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    Fancy some easy cool DIY decoration idea for the start of the academic year? Well, I needed a new compact wastebasket to keep under my desk. Since I couldn't find what I was looking for in specialty shops nor could I afford to pay a high price for this, I decided to make one and so, one thing leading to another, I ended up with this big black and white die.


    • a recycled square cardboard carton
    • a roll of plain colour self-adhesive laminated paper
    • a sheet of complementary coloured (or black/white) thin cardboard
    • some glue
    • a pair of scissors
    • a roll of cellotape or transparent self-adhesive laminated paper
    • a compass or round object


      1. Strenghten the bottom of the carton with cellotape and if necessary (as I had to) rise the sides using the flaps. Else, cut off the top side flaps. Also, remove all labels so that the surface is as smooth as possible.
      2. Cover both outer and inner parts of the box with the self-adhesive paper pressing tightly as you go to expel air bubbles and prevent warping.
      3. On the carboard sheet, draw 14 equal circles sized in proportion to the four visible sides of the box using a compass or a round-shaped object. Cover with transparent laminated paper or cellotape then cut out the disks.
      4. Apply glue on the unprotected side of the disks and stick them on each side of the box as they would be on a genuine die. So in that order, you should have 2-3-5-4.

    And here it is! In turn, it gave me other ideas to create maybe some assorted pencil holders, various boxes to keep office supplies on my desk using inverted colours (white dice with black dots).


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