• Chris Might Soon

    Poetry by Ey@el

    Original en français

    Chris might soon
    Lose his wings
    On the way down from heaven
    To the man-made realm
    Of fallen angels
    Struck in their flight,
    Where gravity as usual
    Takes its toll,
    Weighing you down,
    Pulling you down,
    Lower and lower
    Below ground,
    Beyond reason,
    Into oblivion.

    Chris misses much
    Life, but kicks no more
    Neither he nor us,
    Nobody does anymore.
    Dislocated, disembodied,
    Soulless dolls,
    Each to his life,
    Each to his will.

    Chris, too late,
    Our wings won't grow.
    People laughing,
    People crying,
    Hugh couldn't care less.
    Yet Hugh'd be adamant
    On state affairs :
    A helluva dreadful
    State of affairs,
    Full exposure.

    Chris, fail not,
    Blow their top,
    Soar into the sky,
    Defy gravity —
    All gravities.
    Let go,
    Rise up above
    Higher and higher,
    All the way up,


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