• Why Quick Fix Healing Modalities Don’t Provide Permanent Healing

    Article by Kelly Tallaksen

    We have become a quick solution society and we expect that healing ourselves should be a quick and painless process because that’s the promise made by many new age gurus. We are promised that we can easily take our consciousness to a higher level by thinking good positive thoughts which will cause those old painful memories to fade away. We are promised that all it takes is going within and releasing what no longer serves us. We are promised that if we follow some thought leader’s 30-day self-healing program, we will become free of our childhood wounds forever. We all want to fix what we believe is broken within us, but can these quick fix modalities really deliver on their promise? I don’t think so. Let me explain how emotional wounds hold onto us even though we want to let them go.

    When we suffer a trauma that is too difficult to process, the emotion attached to the trauma gets absorbed into the body as an energetic imprint. When a similar event occurs that triggers that emotion, the imprint becomes stronger and starts to form an energetic pattern. These patterns are like blocks of tension stored within the body that let you know if your body is safe or unsafe at any given time. When you can feel a strong sensation in your body that feels tight or heavy, it’s your body telling you that it’s recalling a similar event where you felt unsafe and it’s warning you to protect yourself.


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