• The Feline Cuddle Therapist Who Rehabilitated All Black Cats

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    A while ago, I wrote about a “cuddle therapist” black cat by lake on my doorstep helping me and other people feel better (see Related articles). It would appear that the lovely tom has a twin. Or maybe he can be at several places at once. Or  that angels have decided to shape-shift into black cats in attempt to open up the hearts of humans, leading by example and at the same time, dissolving all those stupid and cruel superstitions which unfortunately still persist. I was deeply moved by the story below and I expect you will be too.

    According to the old legend from Ancient Egypt, cats have nine lives. It would appear to be true for Rademenes, a two-month old black kitten given up for adoption and condemned by a fatal upper respiratory infection before ending up as nurse assistant to a veterinarian in the unpronounceable city of Bydgoszcz, in Poland,

    Dr. Lucyna Kuziel-Zawalich works in an animal shelter. After the black kitty was brought by his owners to shorten his suffering and she “took the little ball in her hand,” she couldn't bear to euthanise him. Since his condition was very contagious, he had to be quarantined. But thanks to the devoted love and care he received, Rademenes quickly made an impressive turnaround. “Maybe he knew he as near the end and began fighting for his life,” explains his rescuer.

    Ever since, Ramedenes never left the shelter and now devotes his life giving back the love and care he received to other sick pets, cats and dogs alike, cuddling up with them with his comforting purr, sometimes licking their wounds, in the awareness that his caring loving presence can only speed up their recovery. “It's as if having been so close to death's door himself, he now wants to help others get better,” says Dr. Kuziel-Zawalich.

    Anyhow, this adorable cat is more human than most humans (fortunately not all of them), has become the mascot of the shelter and even has his own Facebook page. Actually, his story went viral on the Internet and he's now a sort of local tourist attraction as the black cat who brings luck: “This sounds ridiculous but he actually comes out to greet new people coming in. Which is really, really endearing.

    This story is somewhat reminiscent of some anecdotes by this retired vet from Yorkshire:

    “I know about Oscar now,” I said.
    “Know what?”
    “Why he goes on these nightly outings. He's not running away — he's visiting.”
    “Yes,” I said. “Don't you see? He likes getting around, he loves people, especially in groups, and he's interested in whatever they do. He's a natural mixer.”
    Helen looked down at the attractive mound of fur curled on her lap. “Of course... that's it... he's a socialite!”
    “Exactly, a high stepper!”
    “A cat-about-town!”

    Excerpt from Cat Stories by James Herriott ©1973


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