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    A terrifying documentary film called Slave Princess has just been released. It tells the story of Britney Spears and basically you learn how the music industry in the United States actually works.

    There is a mafia. You get a talented child or an emerging artist. They are emerging, they get a hit song, etc. and when it's not an artist who is directly promoted by the institutions always controlled by the same people, the artist's entourage is approached by a sort of mob of chic gangsters — in the case of Britney Spears, they had a chat with her mum, dad, and siblings. They come along and try to infiltrate the family and see which member is the most unscrupulous.

    And once they have found them, they try to negotiate a deal saying “We will make sure the artist loses their right to manage their assets and that right will be passed onto you and you'll share the benefits with us”. This is called conservatorship. That's what they did to Britney: the mob approached her family, got close to her dad and sister and told them “We will make the public believe Britney Spears is crazy. Thus she will lose her right to manage her assets and you'll get that right but if we do that, we want money in return as we don't do that for free”.

    So what do these people do next?

    They use the mainstream media (which are really there to manipulate public opinion just like they are for all the rest) to say “Hey, look at Britney Spears, she's shaved her head, she's done this and she's done that...” Sometimes, they even drug them and film them while drugged to destroy their image and rebuild it as they wish. Now, think back of all the scandals involving renowned artists who either turned into drug-addicts or who ended up in detox centres or at Alcoholics Anonymous, etc. Actually, the thing with all these stories is that if the artist refuse and start to speak out, they disappear.

    Now, think about Amy Winehouse, for instance. They would say « She's an alcoholic and she's this and that” and she went under her dad's conservatorship and all the media would say he was a cool guy, that he worked in her best interest and so on. Hum... Same for Britney Spears. They said her dad was a cool guy, that he wanted to save her from the baddies, etc., but he was the one who took all the money Britney earned to fill his own pockets. Do you understand the deal? Now, think about Christina Aguilera, same story. Lindsay Lohan...

    The documentary starts with Britney Spears then talks about that mafia-like network approaching her. Britney's fans created the Free Britney movement and guess what? They dug and dug and dug and discovered all these things and disclosed them. The mafia-like group tried to discredit the movement because they were exposing them and used the mainstream media to say the Free Britney's were “conspiracy theorists with too much time to waste.” As always, the media are used to attack anyone who disagrees with a certain narrative which is in the best interests of a small group of people. It's crazy all the similarities with the music industry and everything happening all around the world.

    So there's a group of people around Britney Spears' parents who pass her off as crazy to take control of her life and then the film focuses on that gangster group who did it to many, many people. And thereupon, they mention Disney.

    Disney, the Pedo House. And we are given many examples of people who made movies with children while having been indicted with child molestation. Not only they kept their job but were told: “No problem, go ahead and make more films!” Then you hear of many children coming out and saying: “I have been molested from age 4 to 12.” It was awful. All these traumatised people who were not allowed to speak out, who were too scared... because they were children. And in fact, all those at Disney's who pretend to be the good guys — “Hey, look at me, I'm a good guy, blah blah blah, trust me with your children”, they're actually creepy perverts.

    And so we are shown that Disney also has connections with... Epstein! What? How the hell did we start with Britney Spears and ended up with Epstein? That's when we hear that, actually, Epstein's network would sometimes traffic some of those kids or youngsters and that these artists were forced into prostitution in order to keep their superstar status. And those who refused would also get drugged. That's what “selling your soul to the devil” actually means. They would experience stuff that was totally against what people could think.

    In a nutshell, we start with Britney and the gangsters around her who have connections with Disney; the latter being a centre for paedophiles running a child-trafficking network. On top of that, the music industry actually serves as a front for a luxury international prostitution network. And to siphon money as well for when Britney is forced into prostitution (which has already happened), she doesn't earn any money but her father does.

    In this documentary film, they mention about hundreds of million dollars diverted from the accounts of those artists into Lou Taylor's pocket.

    One point I would like to make is that incidentally, Liz Crokin, the journalist who made this documentary also suffered greatly from exposing Pizza gate. Another point is that, right now, the Ghislaine Maxwell case has reached the stage when they are now selecting the jury, which means progress is being made regarding her trial and it's a well-known fact that Ghislaine Maxwell can pilot submarines and there were obscure stories in which children would have been abducted at some Disney centres to be brought on that degenerate Epstein's Pedo Island and all this has been coming out lately. That's interesting to note.

    Someone in the chat is asking “Do you think the '27-Year Curse' is due to this network: Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, etc.?

    Yes, I do think there's a connection and that these individuals have actually been sacrificed. This is my humble opinion. I have reasons to believe that there's an outright satanic movement behind all this. Why so? Well, go check on Mariah Carey's family. Go check on that journalist with childhood pictures featuring very bizarre statues behind him... There is a great deal of satanic symbol display in this sphere.

    If anything, we can always mention the NXIVM which is totally proven where there was human trafficking, sex trade and the guru of the sect has been sentenced to some 120-year imprisonment. We can also mention Jeffrey Epstein's arrest. No need to dig into theories to realise there's actually something going on. But why does nobody talk about it except Karl Zéro (famous French mainstream journalist dedicated to expose paedophile networks in the upper reaches of power — Ed.)? And why is that every time someone mentions about it, they are being attacked as if they were degenerate idiots who desperately need to be silenced?

    Out of the Shadows was a similar documentary about the movie industry. Worst of all, these are the same people behind all this as in Slave Princess, they also talk about Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein, just like in Out of Shadows. Which means there really is a network at the head and all those who receive some kind of authority from the public (i.e. who have a big fan club, etc.) and have an influence on public opinion must absolutely be controlled by those on top. Less they could become dangerous. That was the case for Michael Jackson. They made his life a misery and did projection on him, accused him of being a paedophile, etc. Yet, not only had he understood what was happening, but he was one of the child victims of this network.
    That's why he was kind of bizarre, a weirdo: he was one of the victims.

    Do watch this documentary HERE.

    Transcribed and translated from French by Ey@el
    © lapensinemutine.eklablog.com

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