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    Some songs are memorable, pass the test of time and become legends. "Hotel California" is one of those. This piece of anthology is arguably the Eagles' most iconic song. It sold 16 million copies in the U.S. alone, peaked at number one in the charts where it stayed for 19 weeks, and was awarded Record of the Year by the music industry in 1978.

    Hotel California

    On a dark desert highway, cool wind in my hair,
    Warm smell of colitas, rising up through the air,
    Up ahead in the distance, I saw a shimmering light.
    My head grew heavy and my sight grew dim.
    I had to stop for the night.

    There she stood in the doorway.
    I heard the mission bell
    And I was thinking to myself:
    "This could be Heaven or this could be Hell".
    Then she lit up a candle and she showed me the way.
    There were voices down the corridor,
    I thought I heard them say:

    Welcome to the Hotel California,
    Such a lovely place
    (Such a lovely place),
    Such a lovely face.
    Plenty of room at the Hotel California,
    Any time of year
    (Any time of year),
    You can find it here.

    Her mind is Tiffany-twisted, she got the Mercedes bends.
    She got a lot of pretty, pretty boys she calls friends.
    How they dance in the courtyard, sweet summer sweat.
    Some dance to remember, some dance to forget.

    So I called up the Captain:
    "Please bring me my wine."
    He said, "We haven't had that spirit here since 1969."
    And still those voices are calling from far away,
    Wake you up in the middle of the night
    Just to hear them say:

    Welcome to the Hotel California,
    Such a lovely place
    (Such a lovely place),
    Such a lovely face.
    They livin' it up at the Hotel California
    What a nice surprise
    (What a nice surprise),
    Bring your alibis.

    Mirrors on the ceiling,
    The pink champagne on ice,
    And she said: "We are all just prisoners here,
    Of our own device."
    And in the master's chambers,
    They gathered for the feast.
    They stab it with their steely knives
    But they just can't kill the beast.

    Last thing I remember,
    I was running for the door.
    I had to find the passage back
    To the place I was before.

    "Relax," said the night man.
    "We are programmed to receive
    You can check-out any time you like
    But you can never leave!"

    © Glenn Frey & Don Henley, 1976

    About This Song

    Beyond its extremely cinematographic lyrics, obviously alluding to Hollywood, and certainly influenced by the Twilight Zone TV series, much has been written — and still is, about "Hotel California" (initially called "Mexican Reggae") and its supposedly hidden meaning open to many possible interpretations. (Personally, I can't help thinking of the infamous haunted luxury hotel in Kubrick's The Shining.)

    However, the Eagles' band members have revealed that the true meaning behind "Hotel California" is a commentary on the hedonism and self-indulgence of America. “It’s basically a song about the dark underbelly of the American dream and about excess in America, which is something we knew a lot about,” Don Henley said. “We were all middle class kids from the Midwest, 'Hotel California' was our interpretation of the high life in L.A.” (Source)

    I won't detail all those possible interpretations and so-called metaphors because, for me, these lyrics are to be taken literally, which makes them even creepier. I won't give you a full “conspiracist” account either of the crucial role of Hollywood and what's going on behind the scene of the showbiz industry, MK Ultra, the Monarch Project, rampant paedophilia, sexual slavery, black magic, human sacrifices, etc. Neither will I explain how many celebrities and figures of power consciously sold their soul or got framed into it — or horrifyingly got ”sold” by their own family (see Related articles).

    The first verse obviously refers to the appeal of the fake light and glamour which hypnotise and cast a spell on the narrator (“Up ahead in the distance, I saw a shimmering light. My head grew heavy and my sight grew dim.“) The warm smell of colitas has a double meaning as it is a slang term in Mexico for the buds of the cannabis plant but also a slang term in Hispanic culture for... buttocks! Drugs and lust, the two favourite weapons for hijacking the kundalini (life force) and disconnecting souls.

    The following lines are riddled with religious overtones: mission, paradise, hell, candle, the way. The mission bell most certainly alludes to the Catholic missionaries from Spain who settled California and could be seen as a sign the protagonist receives and chooses to ignore as he prefers letting the false prophetess show him the way. The voices he hears might be the beginning of brainwashing or chants. Ever heard that it is not a healthy sign to hear voices?

    The second verse is about the superficial materialistic mindset obsessed with money, luxury (Tiffany, Mercedes) and lust. Why talking of “pretty, pretty boys” rather than sexy men? Hard to believe, in such a chauvinist society, how a woman could have the equivalent of a harem here. Unless you consider they are young boys under MK Ultra mind control program, either struggling to recover their mind or to forget the atrocities they were subjected to.

    As for the wine and spirit part, it could have a double meaning too even though Don Henley himself told an interviewer that line in the song had little or nothing to do with alcoholic beverages and was a sociopolitical statement (the lost spirit of the American Dream and the decline of the music industry after Woodstock in 1969) — don't Christians talk of wine as the blood of Christ and the Holy Spirit? It doesn't sound so far-fetched with the lines coming next.

    What about these voices who “wake you up in the middle of the night” and tell you to “bring your alibis”? Alibis, what for? Hiring  pizzas perhaps?

    The last verse reminds me of Eyes Wide Shut, Kubrick's last hyper creepy movie. They're all prisoners because when you choose to join Illuminati circles — or are coerced through blackmail which is how the Deep State operates to manipulate its pawns and can thus rule the world in the shadows — you can never leave.

    As for what goes next in the Master's chambers, it's all a bit too much for a poetic metaphor of the American Dream (sic). Well, I don't know, but it clearly describes a satanic ritual. Even Baudelaire hooked on illegal substances and spleen would never come up with such gory allegories!

    Finally, Faust himself wouldn't have denied the last verses: “You can check-out any time you like, but you can never leave!” The “we are programmed” bit is also worth noting.

    Clearly, this song could be about anything and everything, but could also be about everything it appears to be about (read Lewis Carroll again about language manipulation, dual meaning, and absurd logic). However, as always things are exposed as they are to get your consent because they have to respect the law of freewill. Plus these people have an enormous superiority complex and expect you won't get it. But they forgot an essential detail: the intelligence of the heart is a billion times greater than that of an ego formatable at will because it is directly connected to the Source, the Divine... you name it.

    Not only one truth exists. There are only doors opening and closing on realities reflecting our choices and beliefs. One thing you need to know though is that some realities no longer allow you to access others.

    May the light be with humanity. On this very day more than ever.


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