• Proof That The Mainstream Music Industry Is Completely Fake

    Article by Arjun Walia

    In case you were still wondering why so many talented musicians never manage to break through or get quickly dropped by the music industry (and there are unfortunately more than a few in such case I've known personally), this should undoubtedly provide you with food for thoughts in addition to any reasonable doubts you may have. As for deniers (those who do not believe in “conspiracy theories”), here's the unequivocal proof that those who've got something amiss in their heads are definitely not the ones you mock.

    Do you have no soul?
    It's like I died long ago.
    Your lips feel warm to the touch,
    You can bring me back to life.
    On the outside you're ablaze and alive,
    But you're dead inside.

      "Dead Inside", Muse (2015)

    As I wrote previously on the main blog in French regarding how the media manipulate our self-image via consistent photoshopping of the pictures/videos of models or celebrities, the following shows how further beyond the delusion goes. One may simply wonder if there's any piece of authenticity left within “poor” Britney Spears once all the artifices have been removed. Her soul? Unfortunately, it's very unlikely she's still got one.


    In this day and age, it doesn’t take much for a person/song to become popular in a short period of time. It seems that anyone on the planet could get behind a microphone in a studio and make a hit song. Why is this? Because vocals are tampered with, songs are written by a team of professionals instead of an artist, and all it takes is a person, talent or no talent, to complete the project.

    Apart from that, a young woman could be giving a major performance completely naked (and doing all sorts of ‘vulgar’ things onstage), and it would seem completely normal. This is something we’ve seen recently at multiple major performances, and it represents something far from art…


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