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    This year again even more than ever before, it's really hard for me to get into the so-called “spirit of Christmas” they're trying to sell us for evermore when the world is still going ever-so wrong with a growing number of people going homeless. And meanwhile the rich and famous are getting even wealthier (and more famous) and desperately trying to get rid of their guilt in assuaging their conscience by giving money to charities (rarely without publicity) — or worse, by organising (tax-free) charitable events where the less poor will cough up their last pennies while being preached morality for good measure.

    Those who might say I'm cynical would be well-advised to wash their eyes and ears and most especially their brain (though some might obviously prefer to get it done for them). I have grown so allergic to hypocrisy and fanaticism (“Not my icon, you unbeliever!”) I'm on the verge of anaphylactic shock with angioedema and stuff. I'm not slandering anyone, I'm just being perceptive. I may be an unbeliever, but I still have faith. Faith in my ability to change my personal reality and encourage others to do likewise. And that certainly won't happen while living by proxy as recently demonstrated with the large-scale funerals of Johnny Hallyday, our national Elvis (sic), both inappropriate and outrageous, which left me deeply saddened but for much different reasons than his legions of fans mourning their raison d'être. Yep, humanity does hurt.

    Just like last year (see Related articles) and so as not to pose as your typical Grinch, I googled some decorative ideas for Christmas but only using recycled materials and I must say I saw wonders. So much talent and creativity can only mean that humanity has not reached rock bottom yet. At least, some of it. Phew! Here's my selection:

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    So which ones do you like best? I must confess it would a hard choice for me, but since I won't have time to craft anything, I think I might just pick up the twig tree. With this wind, I guess I should have no problem finding a suitable one.


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