• 5 Myths and Misunderstandings About Astrology – Debunked

    Article by Nikki Harper and graphic by Ey@el

    Astrology is now considered “a pseudoscience — a belief which its advocates incorrectly present as scientific.” (Source) Very convenient given that since times immemorial, the mighty of this world (meaning the self-proclaimed elites who took power over us) never leave anything to chance and do take careful consideration of astrological factors.

    Astrology doesn't define anyone, it's a mapped account of the energies of the time when the soul chose to incarnate into the physical world. For me, astrological signs are energies; planets acts like prisms; and houses are the areas of life in which these energies express themselves. Depending on their positioning in relation to one another and on the angles thus formed, planets affect one another either in a fusional, complementary, harmonious or conflictual way and with variable strength according to a number of factors to consider. In addition, there are various schools of astrology which makes it even more complex for beginners. And also, many otherwise serious and competent astrologers totally ignore karmic elements which, for me, are actually essential to fully understand an individual chart. For holistic astrology is the only one which takes the whole being into consideration (just like specialty medicine vs. holistic medicine).

    This article popped up in my news feed at the appropriate time when I was thinking about writing a piece in response to a number of comments from a bunch of prejudiced, misinformed deniers regarding a post by Ed O'Brien on the influence of the Moon. I thus brought the subject back on the table during a live video conference he did on Instagram and he came up with this very eloquent reply, totally in line with what I and the author of the article below are saying:

    Someone asks me just now about astrology because I put a post on my site about a month ago (I think it was about the new moon or full moon) and it was interesting because a lot of people — not a lot, SOME people — were really supportive, but then other people were like: “Nah Ed, I'm really disappointed in you. How can you believe that shit! How can you... don't go down that shit!

    And here's the thing, when I was about 20 years old, I'd felt like that because astrology to me was the stuff that you read in the papers — the horoscopes.  “Oh you're Aries and you're a fabulous match, you'll meet a Leo today”, you know all that crap. And the oldest I get, the more interested I am in the old knowledge and the knowledge of what our ancestors knew. We've kind of thrown out a lot of it. And a lot of it was mathematics. I've been reading things about Pythagorrus to understand about music and mathematics and proportions. For instance, in Ancient Greece, one of the disciplines was astrology and it was a science.

    It wasn't like your astrologer in your tabloid newspaper. And I don't know about it, but the more I read about it and REAL astrology, the more I'm fascinated by it. I think there is some deep truth there. What I'm not willing to do is to go "it's all bullshit". I'm curious, I'm open, and I want to learn.

    A genuine interest he showed when participating in a chain of comments from “insiders” where I was apologising for flooding his initial post, saying that he "loved this chain, so interesting. Don't have a clue as to the specifics but I'm open!

    May you too change your mind and reconsider your position if you are one of those who question the validity of astrology from reading so much crap on clickbait sites abounding on the web. If not, it's okay too as says the author of the article below, but you'll have to find new arguments because the ones you usually use do not hold any water and are pure fantasy.


    Astrology can be a controversial subject, with fervent followers and equally fervent detractors. As an astrologer, you quickly get used to people dismissing your subject out of hand. After all, it’s all made up nonsense, right? And there are 13 signs, anyway, not 12. And it’s ridiculous to claim that planets millions or even billions of miles away are causing us to act in a certain way. And they say the sun is a planet when it isn’t. And they say our fate is predetermined, with no free will. And they tell you the earth is at the center of the universe. And anyway the signs don’t even line up with where they used to be. And I’m a Leo but I hate drama. And I’m married to a Gemini and they say that Leo and Gemini aren’t a good match. And why in the world would one twelfth of the whole world’s population be going to have a bad day next Thursday?

    Actually, neither I nor any astrologer I have ever dealt with has said or believes these kinds of things, all of which are based on fundamental misunderstandings of what astrology is and what it claims to do. I make no effort to convince anyone that astrology can be a useful psychological and spiritual tool; that’s up to each of us to discern for ourselves. If you’re cautiously interested in astrology, though, but have been put off by some of these myths and misunderstandings, here’s a rundown of the top five astrology myths – debunked. Understanding where astrologers are coming from may help you better decide whether this is something you’d like to pursue or not.


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