• The Cat And The Mouse

    Fable by Ey@el

    Original en français

    The cat, having been locked down
    All spring long,
    Was longing to sink his teeth
    Into tender mice
    And found himself most frustrated
    When summer came
    To have to keep his distance
    To get some grub coming in.

    While the mouse, having been dancing
    Her heart's content and all she pleased,
    Found herself quite upset
    To go back to her life of yesteryear,
    Forced to hide
    And drop the carefree lifestyle
    For her own survival.

    Hello, petit rat!” said the cat
    Who happened to be passing by,
    Drawn by the smell of tutu
    And inebriated by sanitiser vapours.

    “I am not a rat”
    Replied the mouse to
    The waste-smelling
    Masked cad puss.

    Whatever you are, tiny ballerina,
    You're now trapped like a rat
    Sneered the naughty cat
    And devoured her
    Without further ado.

    There is none.
    This story is totally immoral.


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