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    How do you indulge into some sweet delight without spoiling your health with sugar, saturated fats and tons of chemicals designed to make you sick and eat more and more?  Well, you could make your own crunchy chocolate bars with natural healthy ingredients. This recipe is ultra quick and dead simple to make. Plus it tastes like heaven.


    Makes 100 g :

    - 30 g rice (or quinoa) cakes
    - 50 g raw unsweetened cocoa powder
    - 60 g coconut oil
    - honey (optional)


    Crumble rice cakes in a large bowl. Add cocoa powder. Melt coconut oil in a double boiler and pour on the mix. Sweeten (if you wish to) with a touch of honey according to taste and mix thoroughly. Transfer into small individual silicone moulds . Freeze for a couple of hours then unmould and keep in airtight container either in the freezer or fridge.

    NOTE: I use muffin cups which makes 9 small cakes which I keep in the freezer to keep them all crunchy. Actually, you can eat them right off the freezer, no need to unfreeze. Try and see what suits you best.

    Have a bite with a handful of gooseberries (or any other sour berries), it's a real killer!


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