• 2017, The Parting of The Worlds

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    In 2017, on Gaia also known the Earth, while a majority is tearing each another apart over what they perceive as seemingly the lesser evil of the two identical sides of a same rigged coin, a ludicrously tiny minority plays its trump cards in an ultimate bluff to take it all and gain absolute control over this planet.

    New Year, New World Order?

    As reminded by Anonymous in a recent message, “they create laws and legislations that contradict our constitution and take away our right to be a free thinking member of the human race, and you are too blinded by the culture they have created to take any real notice or make any real change. [...] The Western government talks of a New World Order. [...] They moved to censor the internet, the one place freedom of speech truly exists, taking away our right to learn, they weaken our democracy every day, tightening their grip until they have complete control. [...] Yes it is time for a New World Order, but it is a New World Order of the people, not the government.” (source)

    The world's going wrong,
    Everything's upside down,
    There's no turning back.
    Never mind
    Whether it rains or shines
    For there's no point denying
    It'll be our last day
    Even further by the day
    To the point of no return.

     "Aujourd'hui je pleure", Indochine (2005)

    Unlawful Laws

    Amongst the countless vile things in this endless stream of restrictions on freedoms that keeps gnawing at our fragile gains ever more so greedily by the day, there are some that will probably never make the mainstream newscast or papers, but may hit you off the cuff, bound hand and foot. In the same vein, we'd already heard of decrees claiming that collecting rainwater had suddenly become illegal in many American states, of some crazy ban on cats from going outdoors in Australia (see Related articles), or of many European cities (including France) prohibiting the feeding of pigeons. So far so good. Why would they stop this lunacy, mind you?

    They'll laugh as they watch us fall,
    The lucky don't care at all,
    No chance for fate,
    It's unnatural selection.
    I want the truth!

    "Unnatural Selection", Muse (2009)

    As an example and in keeping with the silly tradition of new year bloopers, here is a limited selection of some outrageous news from all over the world:

    • An Oregon couple forced to destroy a 40 year-old pound on a property they just purchased.
      Rationale: Government owns rainwater. (source)
    • In Alabama, veteran spends 10 days in jail for living off the grid and refusing a service he was supposed to pay for, like public water and other utilities, preferring to use solar panels and a rainwater collection system to provide for his household needs all in perfect respect of his neighbours and environment.
      Rationale:  Having no public utilities makes his home unsafe. (source)
    • Texas parents told they will be charged and arrested if they walk their children to school.
      Rationale: school territory is like an embassy! (source)
    • Denver Colorado police caught on video stealing blankets from homeless people or confiscating blankets and camping gear claiming that the property was being held as “evidence”.
      Rationale: To protect the lives of their residents. (source)
    • When a big-hearted musician crowdfunds tiny homes as a creative temporary solution for the homeless, the city of Los Angeles promptly seizes and destroys them.
      Rationale: These structures are a safety hazard. (source)
    • Still in LA, legislators passed an ordinance that would ban people from sleeping in cars and recreational vehicles near homes, parks and schools.
      Rationale: Well, guess what. (source)
    • Houston Texas police brings a large waste management truck and force homeless people to throw away food, blankets and other supplies donated by local activists.
      Rationale: Feeding the homeless food that has not been cooked in a certified kitchen could spread illness. (source)
    • In London, one of the most expensive cities in the world, homelessness is now prohibited. Homeless people to be fined up to £1,000 for sleeping in the streets while people who beg for money would get a £100 penalty.
      Rationale: Homelessness is a nuisance for tourism. (source)

    Paradoxical Laws vs. Universal Laws

    So what do you reckon: true “fake news” or fake “true news”? I would never want to bring you down right immediately after Christmas and New Year, but to provide you with the opportunity (that will probably be taken away from you in the very near future) to make an informed choice, the decision and underlying consequences of which are entirely up to you and something you cannot back out of. For it has become abundantly clear that fate of our modern civilisation has now reached the critical point as to whether (suppressed) History repeats itself or not.

    When a law is unjust, it's only right to disobey.
    ~ Mahatma Gandhi

    As on purpose, all the sources I needed to substantiate this article came to my attention almost out of the blue in an mind-blowing flow of synchronicities. Always echoing my deep insights, the new monthly newsletter/podcast of the ever controversial Laura Marie (unfortunately unavailable in English) addresses universal laws and the vibrational impact of our thoughts, choices, actions and non-actions on cosmic balance.

    Since most humans are disconnected from these laws (which were conveniently never taught to them or deliberately misrepresented as in religions or sects for instance), they're constantly ‘breaching’ the cosmic laws and keep paying both individually and collectively the price for their ignorance and irresponsibility at a universal level (with various vibrational consequences, the most famous is commonly known as ‘karma’ or more accurately law of cause and effect)” she explains.

    Just like the physical laws governing our reality on the plane matter (1st, 2nd and 3rd dimensions) that cannot be ignored whether you ‘believe’ it or not, e.g. such as the law of gravitation (the universal law of gravity), there are also vibrational laws governing all the ‘invisible’ planes. And since everything is energy and vibration and all dimensions are interlinked, these laws have a direct impact on our ‘physical’ reality.” (source)

    There Is No Lesser Evil

    Last but not least, I would like to ask you not to get overwhelmed and discouraged by this surge of darkness and deployment of seemingly unrelenting forces. This is the bullying effect they want to produce. Do not fall in the trap of believing everything you're told or everything you're telling yourself regarding your presumed helplessness. Seek and you shall find.

    Most importantly, just remember that within this duality-governed plane, everything has an opposite and therefore there is also a lot of good going on in this world. You need to focus on that while keeping an eye of all the diversion tactics (this is not living in a fantasy land). Here's an example out of many (that I've made a healthy habit of retweeting on my Twitter account under hastag #GoodNews) saved for last to end on a hopeful note :

    • Entire town's Police Department in Indiana quits.
      Rationale: Officials kept asking them to “do illegal immoral things”. (source)

    Don't make this fatal mistake: there is no such thing as a lesser evil. There is only good (the life force) and evil (the anti-life force), period.


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