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    No, you bunch of iconoclasts, Epiphany's not when Jesus wears his crown of thorns before getting nailed down to a wooden cross by the Romans, but rather when some schmucks pay a fortune for some puff pastry cake loaded with glyphosated gluten, refined sugar and saturated fats in the hope of breaking a tooth on some fake plastic or ceramic broad bean (fève) to get crowned king for a day and buy their round of drinks. “Strange guys, those Romans” Obelix would say. So, not much to do with the famous Three Kings who followed the guiding star to Bethlehem to bring their gifts to baby Jesus. My sacrilegious vision of the Wise Men pictured below next to a traditional French king cake (that incidentally does look like a stack of crepes but is not) features the radios behind the head without whom King Thom and Jonny God wouldn't be able to combine music with magic. Truth is when they recorded their very first song together on a 4-track in Phil-Caspar's bedroom back in the summer of 86, Eddie-Melchior O'Great Brilliant remembers “it was like an epiphany”. An epic moment, for sure.


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