• Australia ready to ban cats from going outdoors

    Article by David Millward

    This is no hoax, but the rampant madness of the powers that be at work. First, everyone who owns (or has ever owned) a cat, knows very well that it's virtually impossible to confine them against their will even for their own safeguard. Also, humans not cats are to blamed for endangered species. One might argue that Australia is a million miles away. True enough, but as usual, what begins in one place quickly ends up spreading widely, and with the NWO, we should care about whatsoever happening on this planet as it will soon become our concern too.


    Domestic cats in Australia could be banned from going outdoors in an attempt to protect native animals.

    The Sydney Morning Herald says the proposals to keep cats under house arrest has been drawn up by Gregory Andrews, Australia’s threatened species commissioner.

    He has argued the move would benefit not only the country’s wildlife but pet cats as well, who are happier and healthier when left indoors.

    The proposed curfew is part of a wider strategy which could also see as many as two million feral cats culled.


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