• The Fall

    Graphic and poetry by Ey@el

    Traduction en français

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    All the lies told
    To light
    Surely will come
    Someday soon.

    All the trust trampled
    Surely will call
    Forth doom.

    Twilight casts on my wall
    All the shades of your soul
    And lest you might fall
    I will stand as your hold.

    My love will burn through the night
    And bright,
    My heart will yield all its might.

    Hold on tight,
    I will not let you down
    Until the night
    Carries you through to dawn.

    I will be your bridge
    Across gaping chasms
    And you will be my ridge
    Over stormy heavens.

    Although eternal,
    Should your soul
    Ever come to fall,
    I surely would die.


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