• Tired of Being a Negativity Sponge?

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    Article by Nanice Ellis

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    Don't let the length of the article below put you off. It's really an easy and well-worth read. Time well spent even if you're not of the hypersensitive kind or an empath for whom everyday life can often feel like hell (and it's no exaggeration saying that, the pain we do experience is clearly and utterly beyond words). It is one thing, however, to become aware of those hidden mechanisms, applying solutions to permanently defuse them is very different indeed. But it's worth the money as the saying goes.

    I would also like to say that you'll have to be very patient and forgiving with yourself every time you'll fail to apply these principles or fall back to your old patterns. You don't break a lifetime of unconscious programming in just five minutes. Same as for sports, language learning or any other type of activity requiring consistent conscious efforts, you must take the trouble to commit yourself fully and muster the will to do it.

    Happiness is not the things, people or circumstances you need for nothing and no one can ever fill you with the missing energy you're craving for. The outside world is an illusion. Albeit a sound and very persistent one often leading to forfeiture. I was one of many who had totally given up, but I had a wakeup call and decided it's never too late to change things (another illusion). The suffering may reach the point where it's so intolerable, it literally becomes a day to day struggle to stay alive. I'm not talking about depression or suicidal tendencies, but rather about feeling trapped in a downward cycle where the only perceived way-out at this point would be ejecting our physical body as would a jet fighter pilot under fire. Only this would be a fatal error as it would never free our soul.

    But sometimes, hitting rock bottom might come out as a beneficial crisis in that it momentarily destroys any of your ego inhibition mechanisms and drives you out of your comfort zone to summon the courage to ask for help, express your unhappiness and initiate dialogue with family and friends. This is why the article below is so useful as it puts words to blurred indescribable feelings while providing explanations. Knowing and understanding are the keys to liberation.

    Come on, get motivated to become shiny happy people and spread the virus to the whole world. Let's get viral!


    Do you ever find yourself taking on the negative energy of others? If so, you are not alone. Most of us come in contact with numerous people every day – who bring us down.

    We all feel it. We know when we are with someone who is high-spirited and happy or someone who is low and unhappy, but why is it so easy for others to affect us in negative ways? Some of us cannot even go into supermarkets without taking on the woes of everyone in the store. In order to shield ourselves from negative energy, we must first understand how our energy is infiltrated by others.

    I worked as a crisis counselor at a well-known crisis center in New York for about seven years. I quickly figured out that if I was going to be successful at helping people, I couldn’t take on any negative energy. Because I uncovered the secret to keeping my energy clean and clear, I was able to assist thousands of people in dire need without once being adversely affected, and in fact, I consistently felt energized and fulfilled. If I can do it, anyone can.


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