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    If you follow me on Twitter, you've probably read my retweet a couple of days ago, but it's so... I just had to share it here as well. For there are things you simply cannot make up. That's a good one, assuredly, especially for the cradle of a football team of worldwide renown. Eric Cantona would enjoy it. And Plato would have had a heart attack if he hadn't died aeons ago.

    So the excerpt below is from an administrative letter sent by Manchester City Council to some Greek... er sorry, Geek citizen.

    You have told me that your nationality is Greek but your passport shows you are Helenic citizen. There is not any country in the Europeon Union (sic) called Hellas. Please tell me why you do not have a Geek passport.

    Now we may have a better understanding of Brexit: Europe's way too complex.


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