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    Music & lyrics by Radiohead

    As previously announced (see Related articles), last night at the witching hour I held a homecoming celebration for all curcubits in the backwoods. Unrestrictedly speaking, the exquisitely scary song below played at the end of my “grave party” is not really what you'd call a song, but rather some wild Radioheadesque impromptu frenzy (it does happen to decent people too sometimes) from an old webcast during which Ed O'(Great)Brien had a blast in grand psychedelic-Fab-Four-meets-Jacques-Higelin style and with many subtle and mischievous hints at a number of songs, most being still unreleased material at the time. I apologise for all the pumpkin mash and unconvenient gap in the middle, but you see, at such an unearthly hour I could no longer manage to see or hear straight. Burn the sandwich — not the witch!

    Note: To listen to Radio Ed, you need to click on the arrow on the player not on the picture.


    We're the orchestra to your board,
    And we beg for the scraps from your table.
    All we want is to be like you,
    Music to play to your souls,
    Pumping pumping sounds
    Through the speakers below.

    I've tried so hard to keep still.

    They will chew you up,
    They will spit out your bones
    Standing in the shadows at the end of the bed.

    I never said anything,
    I live a wallpaper life
    Of playing guitar in a band,
    It seems so volatile.

    Oh my, oh my,
    He was a good man
    And he said he was the best.

    They said that even life spat in his face,
    He put everything back in its right place.
    A conflict of interest, you might say.

    Are you trying to bribe me?
    Is it part for my sins?

    We are plants — happy plants. 
    Superhuman builders today.
    See, you should ??? together.

    I leave you for the bitch of sodom and go free,
    Loved to death like egg mayonnaise
    With a face like a roadkill.

    Fine, let's stay.
    Everything is alive,
    There is nothing but blue skies from now on,
    No ghosts, no skeletons.
    A man hovers in the dust dust dust dust...

    Thank you very much, thank you!
    Everybody drives home safe
    And carefully tonight.
    And we'll see you in our lounge in a few weeks time.

    God bless.
    Let's go home, Jonny!

    © Ed O'Brien, 2000

    Edited out on February 16, 2020 (thank you Jo for filling the holes).

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