• The Eclipse

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    Once upon a time there was light in my life,
    But now there's only love in the dark.
    Nothing I can say —
    A total eclipse of the heart.

      "Total Eclipse Of The Heart", Bonnie Tyler (1983)

    For those of you who couldn't get up to enjoy the total eclipse of the super blood moon last night, here's a glimpse of what you've missed. I'm a bit disappointed, though, that it wasn't any redder, that my camera couldn't zoom any further (not intended as a telescope), and mostly that it was so cold.

    In line with those “symptoms” I wrote about yesterday (see Related articles), in her latest article entitled "Transition" (available in French only), Laura Marie claims this last eclipse scales new heights in the great energy wave of awareness that overcame us this month — the initial outbreak took place at the end of 2012 heralding not “the apocalypse of the end of the world unlike in Hollywood's continual attempts to condition the human spirit to manifest disasters in his reality nor the future of the Earth, but rather the sign of the end of the world as we knew it until now: submersed in the gloom of ignorance and unawareness. As when confronted with emerging consciousness, the powers that be can no longer maintain their supremacy.

    In particular, she explains something that some may still regard as cloudy precepts, but which to me is now an undeniable reality: “We are coming to recognize the immediate consequences of our thoughts, either positive or negative. The new energy on Earth helps us manifest everything going on in our minds even faster than ever before. Any time we focus on a negative thought, we immediately see its negative reality becoming manifest in the physical world. Any time we focus on a positive thought, we immediately feel the physical change within our bodies and what is being created before our very eyes in our outer reality. Only those who are still soundly entrapped within their pure old 3D mental beliefs cannot realise yet that they are creating every single moment of their reality.


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