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    Article by Ey@el & lyrics by the Rolling Bidochons translated by Ey@el

    Original en français

    I know how much some of you guys do love “crepes”, but I can't always serve the same old originals made in Oxford again and again lest it might go stale — particularly when many still don't get why I add pancakes to each of my graphic designs featuring Radiohead — don't lose heart my friends, the light will eventually shine on you at some point... So, I suddenly remembered that bunch of French clowns my bro had made me discover aeons ago (and unknowingly we had both bought each other their album as a Christmas gift) — this hilarious but talented cover band specialising in spoofing great rock'n'roll anthems. Well, never mind their rather saucy, often poo-and-pee kind of humour, they're such a lark!

    There's music playing from the flat next door, but you can only hear the heady notes. That's what the Rolling Bidochons concept is all about,” explains Thierry “Titi” Wolf aka Johnny Ripoux (Rotten in French slang) aka John Lénine (Lenin), the Voice of the Party.

    The crazy buggers started tackling the repertoire of the Sex Pistols, the Rolling Stones, the Beatles (“We got sued by Yoko Ono, Paul McCartney and the Lennon boys, but we won. The law states that: "Any work that has been disclosed may be parodied".”), and fellow countrymen Téléphone. They reformed a decade later to record an album of disco classic covers. In between albums, they also took liberties with Radiohead's "Creep" ("Cuite" which means “cooked”), but the result falling somewhat below expectations, I opted for this spoof of Nirvana's "Rape Me" instead.

    Hope you have much fun watching this rather well-made video clip which also delightfully mocks up the X-Files cult TV series. The Truth is not Here. Briefly: in a world where pizzas rule, agents Bolder and Skilly of the Pizza Bureau of Indigestion have found a band attempting to prove the existence of a pancake conspiracy. The government sends agents to stop them in their tracks and thus keep the secret undisclosed to the public.

    Creperie, cheap creperie
    Creperie, I prefer creperies

    I'm sick of pizzas — Caper & Anchovy
    I'm sick of pizzas — Mozzarella
    I'm sick of pizzas — Marinara
    I'm sick of pizzas

    Creperie, tonight it will be a nice change
    From your hellish food, oh please

    I'm sick of pizzas — Isabella
    I'm sick of pizzas — Roma Special
    I'm sick of pizzas — Margherita
    I'm sick of pizzas

    'Cause of you, I lost my mates
    Who can't take your space food
    I'm very fond of your freezer
    But one pizz' a day makes me sick

    Creperie, cheap creperie
    Creperie, I prefer creperies

    I'm sick of pizzas delivered at home
    I'm sick of pizzas always served cold
    I'm sick of pizzas, tonight I can't have it
    I'm sick of pizzas

    Creperie, creperie, creperie...

    © Titi Wolf, 1996

    Translated from French by Ey@el
    © lapensinemutine.eklablog.com

    Chinese whispers: "Mole Holes"

    What about spoofing the spoofers? You never know someone might decide to spoof my spoof of a spoof. These lyrics were inspired by a post by a fellow blogger entitled "I'm sick of spies" (in French) which immediately triggered the jukebox inside my head. I would hear Nirvana's music and the Bidochons sing “I'm sick of spies, I'm sick of spies...” over and over again with similar visions as the above clip. The words came easily and I wrote them down without much thought. Now I'm so proud of this baloney of mine, I thought I ought to share it with you!

    Moles, moles — so noxious
    Moles, moles — so despairing

    I'm sick of spies — so pathetic
    I'm sick of spies at bay
    I'm sick of spies at home
    I'm sick of spies

    No moles, I'm gonna blow'em
    No more, the hell with'em

    I'm sick of spies — Obama
    I'm sick of spies — CIA
    I'm sick of spies — NSA
    I'm sick of spies

    'Cause of them, I'm hiding in a hole
    For they're lurking everywhere
    You might think I'm paranoid
    Well, I'm fuckin' freaking out

    Moles, moles — so noxious
    Moles, moles — so despairing

    I'm sick of spies tracking me
    I'm sick of spies, help me
    I'm sick of spies, oh my
    I'm sick of spies

    Moles, moles, moles...


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