• She burns like the sun

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    She burns like the sun
    And I can't look away,
    And she'll burn our horizons,
    Make no mistake. 

    "Sunburn", Muse (2000)

    Playing with it is like playing with fire. Like a phoenix, the Truth will always emerge from the deep and rise from its ashes. Both dreaded and dreadful, Pluto, the ruling planet of Scorpio sweeps everything off its path, bringing out the unspoken as well as the unspeakable buried deep inside humanity. It's a blessing in disguise actually, as in forcing us to reconstruct ourselves and eliminate everything superfluous and inauthentic, it give us access to our subconscious thus allowing us to uncover our untapped potentials. The transformation will occur willy nilly. It is therefore best to embrace it rather than resisting. Presently (and until 2024) transiting conservative Capricorn, Pluto squares Uranus for the last time (see Related articles). One word of advice to all Ariens, Cancerians, Librans or Capricorns of the second decanate (or those who have their ascendant in these signs): let it all out, stop repressing your feelings, it'll be less painful this way. Hold on, a better version of ourselves is in the making.



    • "Phoenix" by Michelle Monique
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