• You electrify my life

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    My life — you electrify my life!
    Let's conspire to ignite
    All the souls that would die
    Just to feel alive

    "Starlight", Muse (2006)

    He who electrifies our lives is Uranus, the progressive, humanistic ruling planet of Aquarius, associated with the great technological innovations (amongst other things) including electricity. It is known as the upper octave to Mercury, where contrary to analytical-minded, detail-focused Virgoans and practical reckless Geminis, Aquarians uphold a holistic and comprehensive vision of the world (that can lead right to utopia if misused). While transiting Martian Aries for years to come, Uranus the Rebel, turned direct again and this time supported by Mars, will form one last explosive exact square to Pluto (the upper octave to Mars) in conservative Capricorn in around a fortnight. Since it also conjuncts the tail of the Dragon (related to karma), some significant upheavals are to be expected after which nothing will ever be the same again. Whereas Pluto governs underlying forces and inner drives, Uranus deals with cosmic infinity and the transcendental mind. Everyone should be affected by this transit, however if you're an Arian, Cancerian, Libran or Capricorn of the second decanate, don't be surprised when you feel you're suddenly on the front line. A bad idea for those who might be looking for trouble as it would be preferable for them to acquire a lightning rod. We've got the power!


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