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    Since Monday evening, the media worldwide are all over the fire that caused major damage to Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris. Just as Jupiter (aka Emmanuel Macron) was scheduled to pull the wool over French citizens' eyes live on TV. Meanwhile, at the same time, thousands of miles away, the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, third holiest site in Islam, was also catching fire (source). So many random coincidences!

    Dragon Lines

    Two magnificent sacred buildings of profound symbolic significance erected on two of the most powerful vortexes on Earth: l'Ile de la Cité and Mount Temple. Both highly targeted by the dark forces for who controls energy, controls the world.

    Some of the advanced knowledge inherited by the Templars was that of the Earth’s energy grid, the network of magnetic force lines known as ley lines, dragon lines or meridians. The major sacred sites are where many of these lines cross, creating enormous vortices of energy. If you perform a black magic ritual and human sacrifice at these points the deeply negative energy it produces is earned on the force lines emanating from the vortex and pumped throughout the network. This affects the vibrational state of the Earth’s magnetic energy field within which we all live. If that energy field is full of fear, people will be more likely to feel that emotion. And fear is the four letter word that controls the world.

    The most important weapon for the Babylonian Brotherhood since its creation has been the manipulation of fear.

    Nothing limits people’s potential to express their true selves more than fear. It becomes understandable, therefore, why so many Christian churches were built on ancient Pagan sites and why so many Satanic rituals are performed in churches under the cover of darkness. It was the Templars, with their knowledge of the esoteric arts, who financed the great Gothic cathedrals of Europe between 1130 and 1250. [...]

    Notre Dame [of Paris] (Our Lady: Isis/Semiramis/Ninkharsag) was built on a site dedicated to the goddess Diana, and Chartres was placed on an ancient sacred site which once attracted Druids from all over Europe. [...]

    Both Chartres and Notre Dame were centres of Black Madonna worship, another Templar obsession. The Black Madonna cult was not related to Mary, mother of Jesus, although that was the impression they wanted people to have. [...]

    The Black Madonna symbolises the negative use of female ‘Moon’ energy, while the Black Sun symbolises the negative use of solar energy, the male, besides being an occult name for the galactic Sun which this solar system orbits over 26,000 years. [...]

    The widespread use of the dome or ‘womb’ by the Brotherhood also relates to this, among other things.

    The New Age belief system has often fallen into the trap of believing that female energy is good and male energy not so good, because they think the world is male-dominated. In fact the world is dominated by the extremes of both energies, male and female. I am not talking about male and female bodies here, but male and female energy which both men and women have the potential to manifest. When a male suppresses his female polarity he becomes ‘macho man’ and thinks the only way to be a ‘real man’ is to be dominant and aggressive. This extreme of male energy is reflected by soldiers with guns and overt, in your face, aggression and power. Thus we think the world is male-dominated because you can see the extremes of male energy on the news every night. That’s the point, you can see it. The negative extreme of female energy, however, is behind the scenes manipulation, covertly setting up the events and conflicts which the extreme of the male energy can play out in public. In other words, you can’t see it. This is the energy that the agents of the Babylonian Brotherhood work with and they symbolise this with names like Semiramis, Isis and all the rest. They also know that the female energy is the creative force, which brought forth even the Sun, as the Egyptians used to say of Isis. This female force, like all energy, is neutral. You can create something positive or something malevolent, but to do either you need to harness the female, the creative force. Hence you have the constant female symbolism by the Brotherhood in all its forms. It is the balanced, positive expression of the female energy that they have sought to suppress, not the female energy itself.

    David Icke, Le Plus Grand Secret (1999)

    The Curse of Notre-Dame

    Long-standing regular readers of this blog may remember my style effects of three years ago (see Related articles) over a bad night shot of Notre-Dame where I had let my imagination run free. One of my artworks (see opposite) featured Esmeralda in front of the burning cathedral from where a dragon had escaped. I swear I only used my inspiration (including for the title), experimenting with filters and overlaying items that looked good together and never intended to convey any message at all. So you can imagine how shocked I was in retrospect when I heard of the fire at Notre-Dame. Most intriguing is that I did it again with the headlining picture designed six months ago to mark the 50th birthday of Thom Yorke. A practical joke that turned out to be not funny at all.

    I'm apparently not the only one to have channelled this disaster from the morphic (or source) field.

    All eyes were raised to the top of the church. They beheld there an extraordinary sight. On the crest of the highest gallery, higher than the central rose window, there was a great flame rising between the two towers with whirlwinds of sparks, a vast, disordered, and furious flame, a tongue of which was borne into the smoke by the wind, from time to time. Below that fire, below the gloomy balustrade with its trefoils showing darkly against its glare, two spouts with monster throats were vomiting forth unceasingly that burning rain, whose silvery stream stood out against the shadows of the lower façade. As they approached the earth, these two jets of liquid lead spread out in sheaves, like water springing from the thousand holes of a watering–pot. Above the flame, the enormous towers, two sides of each of which were visible in sharp outline, the one wholly black, the other wholly red, seemed still more vast with all the immensity of the shadow which they cast even to the sky. [...]

    Two streams of melted lead were falling from the summit of the edifice into the thickest of the rabble. That sea of men had just sunk down beneath the boiling metal, which had made, at the two points where it fell, two black and smoking holes in the crowd, such as hot water would make in snow. Dying men, half consumed and groaning with anguish, could be seen writhing there. Around these two principal streams there were drops of that horrible rain, which scattered over the assailants and entered their skulls like gimlets of fire. It was a heavy fire which overwhelmed these wretches with a thousand hailstones.

    Victor Hugo, The Hunchback of Notre-Dame (1831)

    Please, note that in the famous novel by Victor Hugo, the fire is actually a diversion caused by Quasimodo to distracts “baddies” (no comments).

    The House of God

    Another “detail” that struck me is when numerologist Natalie Pescetti said that April 2019 is a 16 universal month (2+0+1+9+4) in relation to the sixteenth arcana of tarot, the Tower (also called the House of God in the original French version). To me, this card conjures up images of a burning tower struck by lightning as illustrated in The Tarot of Thelema (see opposite), a deck I find more inspiring than the traditional Tarot of Marseilles.

    Don't know why, it also reminds me of a chapter from Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince called "The Lightning Struck Tower" in which Death Eaters manage to break into Hogwarts and conjure up the Dark Mark in the sky above the highest tower of the castle right after assassinating Dumbledore (please, note I'm only expressing feelings and nothing else).

    The role of the Tower is to disrupt the natural order of things (an order that is actually organised disorder. The white, red and blue balls hallmark the spiritual, intellectual and physical impact of such disorder.), and thus has it stand against the will to power that built it. The tower takes up a lot of space and presents us with concepts of verticality, ascension, and rise, but to what end? This is a fundamental issue. It conveys a clear idea of removal. Once they have established their power and their reign motivated by domination and greed, higher powers come striking and disallowing those who arrogantly sought to rule over above as below. Actually, the Tower symbolically acts as a tunnel through which energy flows. It captures energy streams so as to control them. (Source)

    So many things have been said about this fire that we have now reached heights of confusion — which I think (and feel) was the intended effect. Now, it is clear that if so many people rightly question the real causes of this “providential accident” in many regards (I'm referring to the elites and their puppets, of course) and given the flood of Pavlovian instant responses caused by simple questions (“fake newsers”, conspirationists), there is no smoke without fire... in this case no fire without wool-pulling.

    So was it a diversion tactic? A psy-op? Deliberate destruction of something they have lost control of? The hand of fate?

    One thing for sure is that there's something quite unorthodox about this event occurring right at the start of the holy week.

    The Tower also stands for the ”violent destruction of all masks and deceptive assemblies”. Isn't it exactly what we're witnessing right now?

    Victor Hugo wishes to thank all the generous donors willing to save Notre Dame and suggests they do the same thing for les Misérables. (Source)

    A tweet that truly illustrates my thoughts. Humanity has officially split in two parts. The time has come to make a choice. Devolution or evolution? Darkness or light? Life or no-life? The blurry in-between has now been sucked into the supermassive black hole recently photographed by NASA.

    Waky waky, follow the white bunny.

    Happy Easter


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