• Out With the Old, In With the New

    Article by Lorna Bevan

    In my previous post (see Related articles), I spoke about my mixed feelings about the fire in Notre-Dame which I perceived as part of something much bigger than we could imagine, and most especially of the link with the sixteenth arcana of tarot of which it reminded me, namely the lightning struck tower. Ever since I wrote this article, I've kept “tumbling” upon videos and articles confirming my impressions, in particular of the current highly karmic astrological configuration of the planet cluster in Capricorn (power, zenith) made up of Saturn (responsibilities), Pluton (transformation), Eris (controversy) and the South Node (what we need to let go of) in relation to Uranus (lightning) transiting Taurus (values, legacy). Therefore I wanted to share this article with you because it expresses exactly my actual feeling of being caught between two worlds and no longer knowing where I stand because my old bearings (and memories) are fading by the day. I don't identify myself in anything. Do you? Furthermore, what is explained in the Chandra symbol surprisingly echoes with a message from a recent dream I had.


    In the old 3D days, after such huge events around last week’s Full Moon, you would expect things to quieten down and return to “normal”. It’s taking some getting used to, but there is now no space between life shocks -this is the new normal. 2019’s 3 huge transpersonal gear shifts of Chiron on the Aries Event Horizon, Uranus in Taurus and the Saturn/Pluto/Eris Pattern are already creating a totally unfamiliar landscape — inside and out. This is the start of a repatterning of both global geometrics — shifting tectonic plates, the magnetic poles amid climate change -and global systems — social, political, economic and ecological.

    This week the Sun conjuncts Awakener Uranus for the first time since the disruptor entered Taurus in March in a once in 84 year transit through Taurus -this is when you will start to experience the first seismic electric shocks to both the global System and to your own system. This is going to be a 7-year lightning storm of disruptive enlightenment, revelation and illumination delivering transformation via the shattering of outworn thought forms. As above, so below. Think of it as a solar geomagnetic storm fritzing your etheric, physical and nervous system — a perfect metaphor for the huge evolutionary stair step we’re about to take. Don’t expect the warp speed to slow any time soon — this is when you’ll feel the rocket thrust away from the deleted past and into the emerging future of the Great Transformation.

    The deletion of old time-lines and the turning towards a radically different future is empowered by eliminator Pluto stationing all week at maximum impact to turn retrograde on April 24th for 5 months. Both Mercury and Venus are conjunct Chiron on the Aries event horizon-a hypersensitive point on the world axis when the political becomes personal and vice versa.

    Expect more revelations about behind the scenes corruption or power plays. Pluto retrograde recovers the Truth and exposes it to the light of day.

    The Chandra Symbol for Sun/Uranus Taurus 3

    A sleepwalker

    All we have to do is hang loose in the midst of the tightest conditions. We are just passing through the old world, hugging the borders. The other world we find ourselves in is so very internal and magic and deep. It is an inner world delight of belonging to the forgotten and hidden places. Yet we are not able to stay in this place either, for we have pledged to walk the edge and to reveal luminal possibilities. Our spirit is restless. We are dancing between the worlds. We are singing. We are becoming the magic to such an extent that even the old world takes on an extra dimension of the uncanny. When you are far enough inside, everything is inside, all worlds are real.

    Let life take over.

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