• Can We Retire The Statement “A Real Man” Once And For All?

    Article by Mark Guay

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    Divide and rule. This has always been the secret motto of this society. At all levels. Hence the sensitive issue of “gender” that should never be an issue at all, is drilled in us from early age as adults tell us how boys and girls are different and that what the first can do, the latter cannot. And those who ever happened to ask the natural question of why all got the same reply: “Because that's the way it is, period.”

    I try to laugh about it,
    Cover it all up with lies.
    I try to laugh about it,
    Hiding the tears in my eyes
    'Cause boys don't cry.

     "Boys Don't Cry", The Cure (1979)

    No need to point at religions, dogmas are everywhere. Cross any line and there you are, quickly labelled. Break natural complementarities and turn them into antagonisms. Drive to extremes and create imbalance. Disrupt the harmony within and impede reconnection. For at soul level there is no such thing as gender identity. There is no anima or animus. While there is much talk about what we women go through in this “man's world”, it turns out that males do feel equally bad in it. For there is definitely nothing human about this society as it rather incites men to become parodies of themselves. This has nothing to do with what we all strive for: be ourselves. Full human beings. Both unique and different and yet so alike. A good reason to make it a theme week.


    Growing up as a man in the modern day, I grew up torn between following what society said I should do as a manly guy and what my intuitive spirit told me is right for me as a complete human being.

    As a teen, I spent hours in the gym throwing around weights trying to look like the guys on the cover of the stack of Men’s Health magazines covering my bedroom. I worked to develop biceps and a six-pack, even though I knew those superficial characteristics wouldn’t ever equal real happiness.

    As I grew older, I calmed down on the weights and learned that as hard as I work to chisel my muscles, this body is just a shell to the far more important spirit.


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