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    The spinning wheel is turning. Not always in the right direction, but it's turning. Man, it's spinning so fast it makes me dizzy! And it does make me sick too at times. Nope,  I'm not even talking about the merry-go-round but the wheel of karma and, incidentally, the wheel of the zodiac. Oh well, since we're on a holiday break (at least, let's pretend we are), I won't torture you with such philosophical concerns which actually they aren't. Karma and vibes, that's very real. In truth, it's the only real stuff in this physical matrix of delusion.

    Just a couple of months ago, I posted an energy update, mentioning the turmoil I was going through, both physically and emotionally, same as many of you are experiencing right now. In particular, I was telling you how my insights had increased in strength and accuracy and always turned out to be true. They still do and in spite of the powerful storm persisting at every level, it helps me to stay grounded. I have the feeling that gradually, very subtly but at the cost of great suffering, I'm learning (at long last!) to let go of my thinking mind and of the opinion of other people, to love myself and accept being your official nutcase, the crank, the “irresponsible” one. For according to the Matrix, being irresponsible is when you break the norm of acceptance, ie. you don't accept anything that tears you apart without questioning, and you don't give up to what's unacceptable just because ”that's life”, “that's the way things are”,  “it's the way it's always been”, and “look, that's how people like you always end up, so grow up, do what everyone else does and continue the long tradition of nonsense where you feel like hell and still ought to feel even worse for daring feeling bad”. Spot the error — the lethal horror. It is no coincidence the Cancer sign is ruled by the Moon, representing our emotions and whatever feeds us.

    And the fool on the hill
    Sees the sun going down
    And the eyes in his head
    See the world going round.

     "The Fool On The Hill", The Beatles (1967)

    In a word, now I don't give a damn. At least I'm trying not to. I'm literally striving not to. I cope by listening to no-one but the little voice within, barely discernable through all the constant, unwanted soundtrack of all the other voices, wailing their uncertainties and criticism in my head while they're not even mine in the first place. I no longer engage in conversation with these unduly voices that only seek to dishearten me, literally or otherwise as rightly pointed out by Laura Marie in a recent energy update podcast (in French). The term is quite relevant since it's exactly what's at stake — sparing no effort to drive us out of the heart energy (which keeps us away from the negative ego where the manipulation of humanity can operate) and of our connection to the universe lest we should go viral.

    So I've opted for the f-off attitude and I give them the virtual finger. They can stick it to wherever they like as long as they use theirs. Er... I know it's not so much my heart speaking, but hey, we ain't gone with the fairies yet! Anger can be good sometimes. To get moving again. As long as you do not dwell in it and seize this peak power to step up from despair to a less negative level of the vibrational scale, and further reach higher levels to escape the vicious circle — the crushing wheel of the anti-life energies those who breed us like chicken actually feed on. The vibrational yo-yo (or roller-coaster) effect.

    The wheel is turning, of course and will inevitably pull us down whatever direction it turns. A bit like politics. And planetary cycles in astrology. There is permanence in change. That's what we call cycles. But in our current system, the gears of our natural cycles have been so deliberately stuck (and warped), it's like riding with a bent wheel. No doubt a risky business.

    I'm just sitting here watching the wheels go round and round,
    I really love to watch them roll,
    No longer riding on the merry-go-round.
    I just had to let it go...

    "Watching The Wheels", John Lennon (1980)

    So let's stop behaving like hamsters. We're not guinea pigs, we're divine beings, unaware of who they are, and whose memories have been suppressed to enslave them and supply energy to those who refuse to respect the laws of karma — the law of cycles.

    Let's not allow them anymore to recycle our souls via their tunnel of fake light. Wake up everybody!


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