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    Laundry-greening has nothing to do with greenwashing, which is how many unscrupulous brands join the growing trend towards greener products, adopting a falsely ethical and environment-friendly stance while actually investing more in advertising and marketing rather than implementing genuine environmental actions.

    The toxins contained in commercial laundry detergents are not only detrimental to the planet, they also seep through skin and lungs and end up in our blood flow.

    In addition, whether organic or not, they cost a fortune.

    So many good reasons to stop buying and make your own at home.

    The liquid detergent recipe below is not just dead simple, it's also very quick to make and ridiculously cheap (less than 50 cents for a large bottle). And your wash will be as clean as with commercial brands whether you use a washing machine or not.


    • 30 g household soap flakes (or grated soap)
    • 20 g soda ash
    • 740 ml water

    QSF 800 ml


    Dissolve soap flakes into boiling water.

    Once cooled, add soda ash and mix to homogeneous blend.

    Transfer to a recycled detergent container and leave to stand for a couple hours before use.

    NOTE: By cooling, the mixture will get thicker. To make it easier to use, insert some large glass marbles (cleansed with alcohol) inside the bottle and shake well. You may also add so water in your dosing cap to thin it.

    For machine wash, use 1 glass (approximately 120 ml). I recommend putting it directly inside the machine drum using a plastic ball.

    Since it is fragrant-free, you may add some essential oils but it will dramatically increase the cost for little benefit. Alternatively you may store dry lavender sachets in your cupboards to perfume your laundry and save your precious oils.


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