• Energy Update - The DNA Healing of the Highly Sensitive Inner Child

    Article by Lee Harris

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    When it befell on me early last month I thought: “What's wrong with me?” I mean this sudden exhaustion plus a host of various symptoms both distressing and alarming, arising with no special reason (besides all the mercury accumulated in my body over the years which I'm trying to eliminate — thanks to public healthcare and geoengineering — keep advocating climate action so they can spray down even more heavy metals on us), and the resurgence of old ailments that made most of my life hell and which I really thought I was done with. Particularly after the drastic efforts I put out over the last four years to bring myself back to health and life. It was a serious blow to my spirits. I just felt cheated. By the Universe, by my own feelings, by my own dreams and all the hard work I was proud of achieving by my sole willpower and persistence. So to say the least, I literally went through hell. Save that the Universe had not really let me down. Neither did my intuition (although my thoughts are still quite muddled at present) as I eventually heard (subsequently) from all sides and all types of sources (spiritual, scientific, etc.). So, it's not just me, but many people and there is an explanation to that. Even if we are still far from off the hook, it's hopeful news as we are allegedly being “upgraded” or, if you like, done up and improved by cosmic energies. While the article below was published in early May, the energy forecast is still relevant and all the more so since not all of us are affected simultaneously but in waves, according to our vibration and biological age, I suppose.

    And why are these woes and ailments resurfacing now? Because as we're raising our vibration, all these buried residues of low frequencies can no longer survive within us and are looking for a way out.

    In her June newsletter, French Canadian astrologer Danielle de Clermont mentioned an important ongoing cycle of solar flares, “hard to ignore for, even though invisible and extremely subtle, its energetic and vibratory influence is powerfully impacting our lives. These solar flares directly penetrate the geomagnetic field, affecting the Earth, nature, our psyche, our emotions, our vital energies, and our physical bodies (our DNA is being transmuted).” The elevated geomagnetic field is what allows our planet to “ascend”, that is move to a higher frequency and dimension (spectrum). Since the DNA of our cells is actually a transceiver, we're mutating as well.

    “Right now, the Ascension process rather feels like a roller-coaster ride” wrote astropsychologist Patrick Giani. “We're all yo-yoing, most especially hypersensitive individuals. Some may switch from happiness to anxiety overnight even within an hour, from grateful to grumpy and judgemental, or from hopeful and confident to doubtful and resentful. Not to mention our resurging or expanding physical ailments... This is due to a number of factors: the amplification of the Schumann Resonance still increasing in late May, the solar flares, the new political order and the general elections in France, our buzzing collective psyche, and the record temperatures this spring”.

    Elsewhere, Marina Paregno explains that “we will now complete our final Ascent this month as our planet connects to a new cosmic source. This process of assisting the Earth promises to help humanity setting itself free during the course of the 21st century. This "quantum" bomb has been ignited last April. It's also occurring with the increase of the Schumann Resonance. Expect a volatile climate in June and internal crises to intensify (solstice).”

    Feel free to leave a comment below to share how you're coping with the energetical shift. At times like these we really need to communicate and play down the importance of what we're going through in order to stay strong.


    This is a time of HIGH SENSITIVITY on the planet. Sensitivity and emotions are heightened within all of us. Be aware of this and tread lightly wherever and whenever needed, in order to maintain balance. (It is a fast and furious time on Earth when it comes to multiple information streams, sensory influences and multiple dimensions of existence playing out all at once.)

    Ask Yourself Regularly: Am I overstressed or overstimulated? Do I need to step back, change my pace, find a moment of silence?

    COMPLICATIONS TO PLANS and unexpected developments were a theme for many in April. This energy will continue through the first half of May. How do these changes affect you? Do they capsize you emotionally or cause anxiety?

    CONTROL AND THE LOSS OF IT (when outer circumstances surprise or challenge you) can cause an energy reaction of shock/fear/grief. Once these emotions have moved through, you can return to an energy direction of acceptance and presence to the new situation.


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