• Polaroid Android: Let The Sunshine In

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    In summer, how can you get a healthy glow on your face while looking free from make-up without getting sunburnt when you're a woman? Self-tanners? No thanks!

    My solution is a compact foundation worthy of the top luxuary brands without the toxic ingredients and very easy to make. Upon application with a latex or silicone sponge, it will give your face, neck and shoulders a slighty tanned look and protect your skin against UV radiations as it contains zinc oxide.


    • 4,6 g silica microspheres
    • 4 g magnesium stearate
    • 0,06 g yellow mineral oxide
    • 0,02 g brown mineral oxide
    • 1 g coco silicone (coco-caprylate)
    • 6,8 g fractionated coconut oil
    • 1 g white pasting (see below how to make your own)
    • 0.9 g white beewax
    • 1,2 g natural colourless mica
    • 14 drops natural fragrance (optional)
    • 1 drop vitamin E

    QSF 20 g


    Ground silica, magnesium stearate and oxides with a mortar to develop colour.

    Melt oils and wax in a double boiler. Then add natural mica and the powder mixture, stirring well.

    Remove from heat and add fragrance and vitamine E.

    Pour into a compact and smoothe the surface with a spatula. Harden in the fridge for about an hour.


    To make your own, in a double boiler pour 10 g castor oil and gradually add 12 g nanoparticle-free zinc oxide (be careful not to inhale in powder form) stirring well until you obtain an homogeneous paste. Pour in a clean jar and keep refrigerated. Be warned: it's very sticky and will stain.

    NOTE: If you have pimples, blemishes or dark rings under your eyes, this foundation won't conceal them as it only unifies your complexion while preventing it from shining (and getting burnt). If you need to conceal skin flaws, use my homemade concealer first (see Related articles).


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