• Polaroid Android: A Musical Journey

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    Just like every year by midsummer, the Sun is back in Leo, its own sign, highlighting love, generosity, creativity and self-expression in direct connection to the heart chakra. A perfect time for revelling into and sharing my artistic crushes (see Related articles).

    Des Vies (Lives) is the extracurricular musical project of a young French composer and producer. A musician since the age of six when he was given his first keyboard, he immediately began experimenting with his own sounds and melodies, but never learnt how to read music properly. A genuinely self-taught artist, he trained on his own or “perhaps guided by external forces”, he concludes with a touch of mystery and humour.

    Once an adult, he decided to take some formal artistic training to acquire basic knowledge and skills, which later enabled him to write and stage musicals, but as often-times in the entertainment world, he “mostly learnt on the job”. Music definitely is his passion to such an extent that after ten years he dumped a comfortable job to devote exclusively to music “as if I had no other choice but to create“ he explains.

    His very eclectic musical influences range from Mozart to Muse including the likes of French-speaking artists such as Serge Gainsbourg, Francis Lalanne, Mylène Farmer and even Stromae. “I love MUSIC” he apologises.

    He also uses a great variety of instruments. “Some sounds are produced by synths while for others I use external plug-ins or samples of my own. I'm a keyboard player so it's easy for me to sample let's say a flute, or a tambourine for instance, and replay it exactly the way I want it on keyboards.” Also, all his music is being self-produced in his personal home studio.

    The Des Vies project came about almost accidentally (almost, for in truth there is no such thing as chance) after experimenting with “bits and pieces of movie soundtracks to bring emotions to life using unusual instruments or "hypnotic" sounds to instantly recreate feelings when first hearing them”. And most of those who happen to listen to his experimental productions suggest he should publish them online.

    To listen to the whole tracks, you need to register for free on Spotify.

    Which then triggers a trail of synchronicities. Some of his tracks are used by spiritual therapists or “coaches” for meditation workshops. Upon which he finds out that his music relates to “lost civilisations, places of ancient mysteries”. He is also told that he connects souls through his melodies.

    Some words did resonate with me” he says. “Even though I never worried that much about it, upon closer look some of the titles I gave to my completed tracks truly had a definite spiritual note. So the next step was naturally to opt for a musical project to share on the Internet. Using music as a conduct for emotions, meditation and reliance, that's how Des Vies came about.

    The playlist opposite is a selection of the 21 tracks (that is 3x7, a very spiritual number) featured on his three albums — “but expect more to come, many more” he confided — all available on Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer. I hope it inspires you to continue this musical journal and discover some more. In this regard, you will find all relevant links in the footnotes.

    Des Vies is an instrumental music project. A virtual journey through imagination, a walk through soundscapes. Des Vies is designed to make our thoughts drift through music and to connect our souls through musical frequencies.

    ~ Des Vies


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