• Polaroid Android: Paranoid Invasion

    Article by Ey@el and illustrations by Chester Calayag

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    Do you remember, three years ago I had shared my artistic crush for the work of Argentinian illustrator Gaston Viñas. Here is my new one for a Filipino artist named Chester Calayag. Painting is the only way he knows to make a living, but “really not an easy job” he says. “As far as I know since I was a child I've been earning things with this yes given and learned talent. But as I grew more the struggle is getting different especially nowadays it's easy to make a good art. Sometimes you don't need to think of any concept or say something. Well that's not how I was raised or that's not how I understand art.”

    Most of his paintings deal with everything and anything he sees, his own story and interpretations about his own life and how he sees the world. “Doing a painting is another way to give life” he explains. “Music already did this, now it's time for art to give a hand.” His work is influenced by a variety of artists from Renaissance, fantasy/surreal and many modern arts. Dali, Varo, Klimt, and also some local artists and Stanley Donwood, Radiohead's friend and illustrator, a band he's a big fan of too. For music really inspires him a lot and is always giving him the energy to start the day, to start working everywhere he goes.

    His striking style can sometimes be quite upsetting. Chester is a visionary artist. Both tortured and full of love, and fully aware of the painful struggle every man has to face to balance his inner darkness and light, just like the strong contrasts he enjoys so much in his painting. “Light is very important for me, maybe to all of us. but it's really hard to find.”

    I believe that nothing is impossible” he says. “There's always a possibility in everything, we just have to find the way how to do it. There's always a way, a right way. and i'm happy I found mine. it was like a portal into something inside ourselves”.

    Since pictures speak for themselves and can express much more than words can ever do, I invite you to browse the gallery below by clicking on each thumbnail to enlarge. You may also wish to pursue by visiting his websites as indicated at the bottom of this page.

    Here, you can see some of my works, and I hope it can give you inspiration even just a little or anything positive — anything that can help you on your way too.

    ~ Chester Calayag


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