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    After getting you drooling on inedible chocolate sunscreen bars, you deserve something sweet. Except it's not exactly that since I'm on a crusade against all kinds of poisons both mental and physical, and for me (sorry but) junk food doesn't stop with fast-food restaurants but also includes the whole of what we call gastronomy — gastro-ignominy would be more appropriate as it sometimes even causes gastro or stomach flu — and in France, land of the sheepcock,1 we are the world champions of eating to our death while even taking pleasure at it and being very proud of that (wherein lays the sickness)!

    So, here is a great classic revisted: chocolate mousse, but sugar, dairy and egg-free, all with genuine chocolate — not the usual cheap 20% cocoa substitute laced with 80% junk additives pigs themselves wouldn't eat2 (for unlike most ovine-sapiens, pigs are very clever animals). Certainly it will cost you more but better spend this money on healthy food supplies than on pharmaceutical supplies (do you need me to tell you why?).


    Serves 4:

    - 100 g dark chocolate containing 100% cocoa
    - 330 ml coconut cream (or rice or almond cream)
    - 100 ml chickpea juice (from jarred or canned preserves)


    Melt chocolate in a double boiler, then add cream and stir well until the mixture is homogeneous.

    Whisk chickpea juice with a pinch of salt and a few drops of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar until firm.

    Fold into the cooled mixture gradually and transfer to individual cups.

    Réfrigerate overnight. Mousses will thicken and taste much better.

    NOTE: Since pure cocoa might taste too bitter, you may want to add some honey or agave nectar, but you may also eat this dessert with banana pancakes (I'll make this recipe available soon). You can also flavour it with some natural vanilla extract or about 10 drops of orange or mint oil. Since it contains no egg and no dairy, it should keep longer without turning sour even during scorching heat.



    1. ^ Sheepcock: untranslatable pun sounding like coq au vin, a French dish of chicken braised with wine in reference to the Gallic cockerel.
    2. ^ Another unstranslatable pun as junk, in French, would literally translate to piggy stuff.

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