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    How's that “what are we celebrating”? You, bunch of @*$#%! Today marks the fifth anniversary of the main blog in French — five years!

    Five years sparing no effort to share my thoughts with you about how I feel about the world and how I enview it through my own writings or translations (note for this blog in English is more of a side project for people who can't read French, I simply cannot translate everything I post on the main blog, I'm afraid this is virtually impossible). And what do I get in return? Nothing. Nicht. Nada.

    All this, I'm not doing it for glory, recognition nor even for some monetary compensation (given the amount of time and energy invested, it still would not be charity for work must pay, whether it's a job you hate but are forced to do or something you love and chose to do — if you feel outraged, shame on you). Neither do I do it because I've nothing else to do and need to keep busy. Nope. I do it because I feel strongly about it and because this is what my soul aspires to.

    So, now Little Me is ranting to her heart's content in the face of such indifference and ingratitude. She's offended by silence. You see, it doesn't take much time to leave a comment, but it makes a huge difference for a blogger. Otherwise it makes us wonder. Why can't they say anything? Is this because they don't like it? Too lousy perhaps? Or too complicated? Does it bore the s**t of them? Well, you see, that's how it makes us feel. Especially after working so hard on writing or translating an article.

    So yes, Little Me does hurt sometimes. Ever so close to jacking the whole thing. In times like these, she's easy prey to grey entities, Dementors, kill-joys, and the like of those who claim to be self-righteous whereas they would do humanity a huge favour if they stopped righting altogether. They're so grotesque and pathetic. Pot, kettle, you know the story well.

    As for Great Me, from her elevated perpective (which, let's say it, is no big deal given the actual height of Little Me) she has a very different outlook on things, that is wider and less intense. Easy peasy: she's not in it, she's above it. Great Me even sees stuff that Little Me can't see. Not yet, that is.

    For as reckless as she may appear, going off the deep end time and again, on and off the rollercoaster, Little Me is one of a rider. Yes, she is. She's well determined to do what it takes to align herself to Great Me. So she keeps doing it even if she doesn't know where she's heading to. Great Me does know. And Little Me understands that she can rely on no one else but Great Me.

    Little Me has faith in Great Me and so she's grateful of the steady increase in people visiting her main blog everyday (over 323,000 to this day, that is approximately 117,000 since last year). So thank you — thank you so much again and again!


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