• Polaroid Android: Spellbound

    Graphic & poetry by Ey@el

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    The lunatics are in the House,
    The Mad Hatter ate the mouse,
    And all of them puppets on a string
    Filthy greedy pigs on wings
    Soulless ragdolls on a pole
    Weighing their heavy toll
    Down on you people.

    All of them possessed,
    Mesmerised, anaesthetised,

    Cut cut cut
    Cut the rope that leads!
    Bite bite bite
    Bite the hand that breeds!

    No fear no feed.
    No pain no drain.
    No lies no blinds.
    No war no blight.

    Hold on to love,
    Love the light,
    Light the hope,
    Hope for light.

    Remember, recover,
    Remind, redeem
    Recreate, reconnect,

    Expose, explode,
    Blow, breathe,
    The spell
    That binds.
    The masterminds.

    We are the light.
    We are the life.
    They are nought.


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