• Polaroid Android: 3 Years

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    Three years ago, the original Pensine Mutine went online. 860 posts, some 109.000 visitors and a few 2215 comments later (come on you can do much better even though these stats do not apply to the English version added last year), it feels only right to allow my ego to party. Just for one day.

    They say it's your birthday,
    It's my birthday too, yeah!
    They say it's your birthday,
    We're gonna have a good time!
    I'm glad it's your birthday,
    Happy birthday to you!

     "Birthday", The Beatles (1968)

    Talking about megalomania, incidentally it's always been fun to hear that Beatles song since my birthday would fall on the same day as John Lennon's. Too bad it's actually Paul McCartney singing!

    For once, there's only one word I would like to say to you : thanks!


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