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    As I expect you have noticed over the past few weeks, a new icon has been added to the side menu — that of the well-known birdie with the ceaseless tweeting blithely feeding the social zoos of cyberspace. While the most curious may have clicked on the link already and will thus know that this blog now has its own Twitter account.


    Nope, that's tweet tweet.

    Okay, so before you go acting like outraged fundamentalists and cry sacrilege or accuse me of betrayal — or even have a good laugh at me calling me a flip-flopping sellout — why don't you take a long breath (if you can) and think twice. You still don't get it? No problem, I shall try to fill you in.

    First, let me assure you that it was a carefully considered decision. That I did take every necessary precaution to restrict tracking as much as possible, such as using a portable browser dedicated to this sole task and carried out an extensive research beforehand as to which settings would be safer to disable. At the same time I would like to thank Nyeh for her precious advice and tip on how to schedule my tweets.

    For me, this account should be an opportunity to extend my readership and share more information than this blog allows without flooding readers with countless reposts (not to mention that copy-pasting is a time-consuming activity). It is by no means an outlet to display details of my private life which is of no interest to anyone apart maybe to the CIA and similar organisations. And should there be a problem with this blogging site, that would be a convenient way to keep you informed of the ongoing situation.

    So if you wish to follow me on Twitter, just click HERE.

    Please note the new sharing link below headlines is only available on recent posts as I need to enter this code manually for each article — and I'm sure you realise I cannot edit the totality of my publications.


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