• 5G – A Dystopian View of Our Future

    Article by Peter Paul Parker

    I have been researching into our world and the differing viewpoints of many people in my humble search for the truth of my reality. It has led me into some wonderful feelings of utopia, freedom and love. It has also led me into some very dark corners where I see the worst of human energies are expressed. I say human, well my research makes me wonder about human energies and nature. I am now of the understanding that our energy is discerning, and when expressed without preconceptions, conditioning and manipulations they are actually amazingly good. In my quest to find the answers to the problems in the world, I am finding the problems and deep seated conditioning in me. I will issue this article with a follow up to share how I have done this. Back to the matter in hand. Who are these people expressing the darker side of the energies we can use and to what end?

    I have looked into the banking system and seen a way of creating money for us to use that creates money out of thin air and then charges interest on that money. I know that is a very simplified way of looking at it, but it very quickly explains why we have more debt on the earth than actual money. It is scandalous. I have looked into politics and even studied it at school and now realise that the whole system is broken. The European Union is a classic example of that with corporate interests meeting with the European Commission on a regular basis with complete disregard for the peoples of Europe. I also see that our medical system is completely broken as human beings are now by far the sickest species that lives on our planet. And I mean, by far!!!!!! Our education system is also broken as many people are losing basic skills to mend and repair things and rely on the corporations to supply us with everything. I see a world that is going in completely the wrong direction with no concern for who we are and what we are doing on this earth.


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