• When Advice Goes Wrong

    Video by Ralph Smart transcribed by Ey@el

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    Ironically, I have to say this is the best piece of advice I have ever received. And as the universe guides my steps (that is when I get my feet on the ground and won't allow barking dogs to get in my way), it was well-timed as it came to me right after I received well-meaning suggestions from a benevolent person willing to help, but which actually distressed me beyond words. In this regard, it would soon be followed by a subsequent flood of other signs, all telling me I ought to stick to my own vision and ignore the previous stressing advice. As we all know, hell is paved with good intentions. This is exactly what the saying is all about. In other words, it means that everyone has incarnated on Earth to experiment very personal lessons and that what may be good for you might be extremely detrimental to another. Some unpleasant experiences might be essential to our evolution. According to what we've been through and our acquired potentials, those with an easy life don't necessarily have a headstart as they might be stop progressing. As another saying has it, everyone has their own perception of life. So follow your own compass and ignore self-proclaimed gurus and the like.


    Do you love to ask for advice? It's beautiful, isn't it? I love asking for advice too! But there are times when taking advice goes terribly wrong.

    Now along my early journey, I used to ask everybody for advice. I had just graduated and I was like to my family, “Okay, what should I do now? What do you think?” And they told me...

    You see, everyone has a whole lot of answers when you ask for advice. Everyone's a guru nowadays, right. I would ask my friends: “What do you think I should do?” And they were like: “Ralph, do this and do that”. And I was like: “Okay, I'm going to do what they say, forget about what I feel”. And then down the line, I was in a job and it wasn't making me happy because I listened to what they told me when I could have just gone to Brazil.

    You see, that's when taking advice goes wrong. Sometimes, if you are always taking advice, it kills your desire. Not only that, it kills your intuition. Not only that, it kills your self-expression.

    You see, you didn't come here to just take advice. You came here to follow your own heart. You came here to play big and to see if the gamble pays off. Doing what I'm doing right now, inspiring millions, it's because I'm a bad listener. I didn't listen to what everybody told me. I was like : “Ah, I can't hear you right now”, and that's why I'm living a beautiful lifestyle every single day.

    Now don't get me wrong, taking advice is great when the person is an example of the advice they give you. Most people don't know what they're chatting about. Say it like that: they don't know what they're chatting about, okay? Also, if they are coming from a constructive place — not a destructive place — but more so if it fits well with you. Take the best from any advice someone gives you, but if it doesn't serve you, just say “They don't know what they're chatting about”.

    And then you'll just say : “Feels so good to be alive, baby! Can I get a hello?

    Nobody knows better about your life than you do.

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