• Top Military Industrial Contractor Building a ‘Space Fence’ to Surveil Planet Earth

    Article by Christina Sarich

    As above, so below. It seems we have littered the space surrounding our planet with teeming, man-made debris which Lockheed Martin now calls it an “imminent threat” that must be protected with their latest technology – a radar system that will track ‘junk’ traveling at about 9 times the speed of a bullet, and residing in a search area that’s 220,000 times the volume of Earth’s oceans.

    Sounds harmless enough, right? Perhaps even helpful? Or perhaps there are other concerns beyond just the military’s lost satellites.

    William D. Hartung states in Prophets of War, that President Dwight D. Eisenhower gave his famous warning about the dangers of the military-industrial complex, he never would have imagined that a single company would eventually wield the type of power that Lockheed Martin does. As primarily a weapons maker, Lockheed Martin receives over $29 billion a year in Pentagon contracts, or roughly one out of every ten dollars the Department of Defense doles out to private contractors – in other words, a huge chunk of your hard-earned cash that you forfeit every year in taxes.


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