• Several intelligent alien species break ranks with the human race

    Article by Le Gorafi translated by Ey@el

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    Stratos 67 - After the tragic events in Florida, the leaders of a number of so-called “intelligent” extraterrestrial species have called for officially breaking ranks with the human race.

    I expect other intelligent species to strongly dissociate with the human race to show their disapproval of such acts” claimed Juppos34 on his social media profile. Right now, already campaigning for the upcoming stellar elections with his anti-Zarmianr dimensional wall project, Juzoth II expressed horror at what he called yet another example that humans should not expand to the rest of the galaxy, hence record-keeping should be implemented as a preventive measure.

    On the other hand, several other dignitaries sought not to stigmatise the whole human race, considering it to be isolated acts of individuals calling themselves humans but contradicting what an intelligent species is. “Humans should not be accountable for these people. Remember that humans are the foremost victims of such tragedy.

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