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    Once again, tonight we'll switch to Summer Time by moving one hour forward which is two hours ahead of the sun at its highest — at least, in most of Europe, which is seriously complicating matters or “looking for noon at 2 pm” as we say in France. A stressful, disturbing step imposed on us willy nilly twice a year under the lame excuse of Daylight Saving (see Related articles), but in truth meant to disrupt our biological or circadian rhythms.

    Our Belgian friends find the switch to Summer Time quite disturbing; as a matter of fact, they do wake up at 2 am to adjust their watches lest they should forget the switch.

    ~ Marc Escayrol, Mots et Grumots (2003)

    Slaves to the clock

    As David Icke explains in his 2003 book entitled Tales From The Time Loop, time is a complete fabrication meant to hold us in the illusion and control us. “When we fall for this, we disconnect from 'no time' - our Infinite state. The movement of the planets, Sun and Moon, night and day and' ageing bodies' are all designed to sell the illusion of moving from past to future. Look at the way the clock governs our lives and the whole of society. Up at this time, out at that time, leave at this time, arrive at that time. Have you got the time? Do you know the time? What time does it start? What time does it finish? Thanks for your time. I could be some time. I might be a long time. There's not enough 'time'. I have too much time. We are slaves to time.

    But what is this “time”?

    The glass funnel opening up beneath your feet
    Will make you forget both your future and your past
    For Time won't wait.
    No, Time is right now.
    Oh, there's no Time,
    Time is what you make of it.

     "Le Temps", Téléphone (1982)

    Still according to Icke in Human Race Get Off Your Knees, published in 2010, the illusion of time would be one of the most powerful ways of disconnecting Mind from Consciousness for there is no time, “only the eternal Now, and Consciousness operates in this no-time Now, while Mind perceives everything as past, present and future - linear time.” 

    Moon Time

    The Moon would be crucial to this perception: the Sumerians, Islam, the Chinese New Year — which is “the longest chronological record in history, dating from 2600 BC, when the Emperor Huang Ti introduced the first cycle of the zodiac” — all have actually been using a lunar calendar along with a solar one for millennia.

    Even the solar calendar is controlled by the Moon because it regulates the speed the Earth rotates and therefore the length of the day. It is estimated that if the Moon were not there the day would be eight hours and not twenty-four. The Moon fundamentally influences our perception of time and disconnects us from the realm of no-time — Consciousness. This is no coincidence.

    ~ David Icke, Human Race Get Off Your Knees (2010)

    Awkward Cantilevered Time

    Tomorrow, however, we won't just switch to Summer Time — we will also celebrate Easter, an ancient Pagan festival associated with the Moon from which are also derived women's “menstruations” and the very word “month” meaning “moon” (see Related articles). The celebration of Easter is calculated according to lunar cycles, which is why it doesn't have a fixed date.

    Good news though, this year you may still stay in bed for an extra hour since Easter Monday is a public holiday.


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