• The Spirituality of Pets

    Article by Aluna Michaels

    The bond between a pet and his/her caretaker is often deep and profound. Animals resonate with us in a deep way that few humans can. This is due to the fact that animals do not have an ego. They don’t have “stuff” in the way of their love and their connection with the Divine. They love unconditionally.. and are constantly doing service for us in ways we often do not recognize. We may feed them, groom them, take them to the vet for shots, and in return they soothe our souls in a subtle, but perceptible way.

    The more we are open to the spiritual gifts our pets bring to us, the more they can share those gifts. Animals are a great blessing for people who do healing work. Healers love their talents and the joy those talents bring to others, yet they often feel drained by a lack of reciprocal energy. They give so much away and don’t receive as much back. Animals, by their nature, transmute the disharmonious energy of stress. They are like spiritual cleaning ladies who come into our consciousness and mop up the spills the emotional turmoil of the day leaves behind.


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