• Emerald City

    Music & lyrics by Dramarama

    While surfing on the web, I was surprised to come across many videos of Dramarama, an American underground band I had the chance to interview... 25 years ago (!!!) I thought they had long disappeared so I was happy to find John Easdale is still alive and kicking and has finally gotten some public recognition at home even if owed to some reality show. Worry not, I'm not about to revel in cheap nostalgia and sort through the old junk from the attic. For a moment I just wanted to share this sweet (additive-free) little acoustic song with you about Emerald City, the capital city of the fictional Land of Oz in Frank Baum's books (creator of the Wizard of Oz) since its writer/performer had kindly written down the lyrics for me on a old piece of paper now turned all yellow — but thanks to digitalisation it looks as good as new hey hey.


    I've finally found it
    I'm feeling my way all around it
    I'm going to surround it
    Soon everything's going to be fine
    Hey hey
    I can do what I say

    I'm lost in a sweet dream
    I'm living on chocolate ice cream
    I'm letting off my steam
    Now everything's going to be fine
    High high
    I think I'll learn how to fly

    I went for the rental
    Those costumes were so continental
    How coincidental
    They said everything would be fine
    Ho ho
    I think I'm ready to go, go, go...

    © John Easdale, 1985

    About Emerald City

    © Ey@el

    Located in the exact center of the Land of Oz, being the countries official imperial capital, the Emerald City can be found at the end of Oz's famous yellow brick road, which starts in the eastern quadrant called Munchkin Country.

    [...] In the earlier books, the city's architecture was described as being completely green, but in later Oz books, it is revealed that green was merely the predominating color and the buildings are also constructed out of solid gold and silver as well [...] The citizens of the city originally wore all green costumes with real emerald jewels for bottons, but eventually added other gems and colors to their clothing and attire in later Oz books.

    [...] Scholars who interpret The Wizard of Oz as a political allegory see the Emerald City as a metaphor for Washington, D.C. and unsecured "greenback" paper money. In this reading of the book, the city's illusory splendor and value are compared with the value of paper money, which also has value only because of a shared illusion or convention. It is highly likely that the Hotel del Coronado influenced its description in later books, as well as in the artwork by John R. Neill.

    Source : Wikipedia

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